Georgiana has a Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Letters and a Masters in Human Resources – both from the University of Bucharest (UB). She started her work in recruitment in 2017 and since then, as she likes to say, she has been on a continuous path of learning and professional and personal growth.

What was the path that brought you to hr? 
I am communicative, open, and easygoing and it is important for me to be constantly in a dialogue with new people, new types of people. That helped me learn and discover new things. I was also curious to understand what a recruitment process entails. Subsequently, I became aware and I was very happy that my work can help a person find the desired job or a partner find the right colleague for her team and organisation. So far, I have learned two major lessons – that I have to trust myself and my work but also that, when I run into complex or more delicate projects, I have to be perseverant and find varied and creative solutions and resources.
What has been the best moment in HR so far?

The most beautiful moments are those in which I manage to successfully complete a recruitment process and when it is confirmed to me that both the candidate and the partner (client) are satisfied and calm. I’m also happy when I work on team projects – when I feel that we work well together and that a “bravo” for the team includes my helping hand, the contribution that I was able to have.

Can you share a quote OR A BOOK that you’ve found useful?

The last book I read was “First Steps in Recruitment.” Although I passed this stage, I read it out of a desire to see, to find out if there are new ways of doing things, perhaps different from what I apply. Currently, the recipe is the same for other colleagues in this industry. But I learned the most useful things from the people I worked or interacted with both professionally and personally – each person has their own story and experience and I’m happy when they share them with me.

Did you have a mentor or a role model?

A person who has been by my side from the very beginning and from whom I’ve learned a lot is my colleague, Cristina Scarlatescu. She is definitely a person for the people and it was from her that I have learned to get closer to the people I work with. I learned to get closer to those around me and I was able to build special relationships with candidates also.

what abilities should HR professionals have?

An HR person needs to be communicative, involved, persevering, confident, and optimistic. For those who want a career in HR, I would recommend to carefully consider what specialty to choose. Working with people is always a challenge, and they should make sure that they are on the path they want to follow.

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