Mariana Vaida is a pioneer in the human resources area, just like the company she leads. With vast experience in the industry, Mariana is a respected member of the HR community. She is the general manager of BIA HR, one of the first human resources company in Romania, as well as a a frequent speaker at important HR events. Last but not least, she leads one of the most stable and longevous teams of HR professionals.

MARIANA_VAIDA_BIAHRWhat was the path that brought you to hr? 

In 1996, after a short experience in a financial department, I ended up almost by change in what would later become a true HR department. It was back when HR was just becoming a thing and I knew right away that this was where I belonged and where my future will be.

What has been the best moment in HR so far?

I’ve been in HR for a long time and it wasn’t all roses. I am happy every time I finish what I have planned and I try to learn as much as I can from my own experiences and those of others. The fact that I still find pleasure every day in doing my job is a sign that all these years haven’t been in vain. I truly enjoy every day I spend with my colleagues. Many of them have been by my side for more than 13 years and that is a confirmation that I have done something right.  It is an amazing thing to watch a team come together and grow.

what has been a hard thing to do?

Accepting that I can’t please everyone.

Can you share a quote OR A BOOK that you’ve found useful?

There are two books that I always keep at hand. Uplifting Services by Ron Kaufman and Better than God by Zig Ziglar. Ziglar’s book is an invitation to find what you were meant to do and to excel at what you’re passionate about. Ron Kaufman is an inspiration in my professional life. He said that “offering services means creating value for someone else”. This “someone else” can be anyone: a colleague or a client, a friend or a family member, a boss, a friend, etc. I would also add Daniel Pink’s Drive – a book that led me to change a few personal habits.

Did you have a mentor or a role model?

My family has helped me understand that I will only succeed if I see whatever stands before me as a challenge, a problem to be solved. If I only see it as a burden, I will surely fail. I do think that there is something to be learned from every person we meet. As long as we are willing to accept that we don’t know everything, of course.

what abilities should HR professionals have?

Good communication and listening skills. A former colleague used to say to me: “Mariana, I come to see you like I would a priest”. I think that’s what an HR department/professional should be, like a sort of company priest.

What would you say to young professionals interested in a career in HR?

Have the courage to make the first steps, be willing to ask questions, listen, and learn.


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