Professional Profile: Claudia Badea, Senior HR Consultant

Claudia has been working in HR for more than 25 years. After ’89, she started her career as a junior employee in the media industry, working for a popular daily publication. She still appreciates the quality of the people she worked with at the time – they taught her to appreciate people, to build and nurture teams, to take pride in things done well, and what it meant to have empathy for others. She later went on to join a company operating in the pharmaceutical industry. The size and complexity of the new company allowed her to organize and implement procedures and HR applications that are still being used today. Almost two years ago, Claudia joined BIA HR and started exploring new dimensions in a field in which she had already accumulated considerable experience.

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What were some of the best moments in HR so far?

In the last few years, HR has become extremely interesting. HR specialists have learned how to improve productivity (without harming the pleasure of working) and how to contribute to the development of strong organizations. In the new HR world, we do have plenty of beautiful and fulfilling moments. It might be a simple thank you, an email, or a phone call from someone who wanted to show appreciation. Our ultimate goal is, of course, for people to be at ease, to know that there is someone they could go to for support, and that their salaries will be paid on time and correctly. When it comes to hard times, 2008, 2018, and 2020 were the most difficult because of all the legislative changes, the economic crisis, and the current pandemic.

what abilities should HR professionals have?

HR professionals need to have a good understanding of the vision and strategy of the company they work for. They also need to be open to working with people. Good communications and listening skills and great attention to details are also essential. To keep up with the latest trends, they need to be curious and willing to learn new things. Books and people are also valuable sources of information and inspiration. I know that there is no such thing as a recipe for success. But I do believe that is it is essential to be able to feel like you match with the company you work for. Once that happens, the next step is to give your best and provide real value.

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