Cookies are used to facilitate the access and delivery of various services that a normal user enjoys when visiting various pages on the Internet. These services may include:
•    Customize language settings: You can select from the website you are visiting the language in which you want the content to be displayed, either in Romanian or English.
•    Cookies provide information on how a user is using different pages of the site. They help the user interact more easily with the site. Subsequently, such information can be used to arrange, edit the website content, in order to help users enjoy it more easily.

What is a “cookie”?We invite you to find out what a cookie is: The definition of “cookie” , also known as “internet cookie”, “browser cookie” or “HTTP cookie”, is the following: a small file, containing numbers and letters, that is stored on the computer or device used by the user to access the Internet .
This cookie is installed at the request issued by a web server to a browser. Depending on which browser the user is using (whether Safari, Edge, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), the cookie is passive. A cookie does not have software programs such as viruses or spyware, so cookies cannot damage your device or computer. Also, cookies do not have the ability to access information on the user’s hard drive.
You should also know that the duration of an internet cookie is limited and consists of two parts: its name and its content or value.
Useful information: A cookie in itself does not require personal data for later use. Also, generally, a cookie does not personally identify an internet user.
You should know that there are two main types of browser cookies:
•    Session cookies – This type of cookie is temporarily stored in the user’s browser cookies folder. Here the cookies are saved until the user leaves the website or chooses to close the browser window in use.
•    Persistent cookies – This type of cookie is stored on your computer’s hard drive (for a limited period of time). Here are stored cookies placed by a different website other than the one used by the user, known also as “third-party cookies”. You should know that such cookies can store the interests of a user (what they visit on the website), so that the advertising seen by the user in other locations or on the same website is more relevant.

What are cookies useful for?Cookies provide users with a more enjoyable browsing experience and in most cases help different websites provide more useful and relevant services for the users (depending on their interests and preferences).
Important information: A user has the ability to delete cookies at any time. The user just needs to use the browser settings. Remember that most modern browsers, including Safari, Mozilla, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Chrome, offer users the ability to change the cookie settings. These settings can be changed if you go to the options or preferences menu (depending on the browser you are using).
If you want to know how to change the settings of a browser, you can visit the links below. These may be useful in this regard.

Internet Explorer

The cookies used by are session cookies. These are automatically deleted when you leave the site.
Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google INC. (with headquarters in the USA, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 940430). Google Analytics uses cookies (see above the general definition of cookies) that are stored on your device and is designed to analyse your use of our site. This information generated by said cookies is passed to the Google server and stored. More details about Google Analytics can be found here:

A useful resource on deleting and controlling cookies can be found at .