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We have been close to you since 30 years ago, to offer you business support, to make things better and in line with the legislative news. We want you have more time for your team and we always try to find the best solutions to optimize your activity, through our payroll , personal administration, personnel recruitment, HR consulting services. We talk a lot through e-mails or on the phone and you may be asking to know who are the people in the BIA Team, how we got into our roles, what we like and what motivates us in our activity, what BIA means to us. Discover our career stories!


Mariana Vaida – General Manager

Mariana Vaida - General Manager BIA HR

I joined the BIA team in 2007 as Payroll Manager, with the mission of coordinating the activity of the outsourced payroll and personnel management services department, a department at a crossroads at the time. Coming to BIA after a long experience in a multinational company, I found here the entrepreneurial spirit and the possibility to make decisions very quickly.

Step by step, following the natural course, taking on new responsibilities, constantly learning, and always having a team around me that I could rely on, I was promoted from Payroll Manager role to the position of Outsourcing Director, at the same time as a new line of business, respectively staff leasing was implemented.  Since 2011 I am the General Manager of the BIA group.

I take energy and motivation from challenges, from the beginnings, but also from the continuity and longevity of relationships with our business partners who give us their trust.

BIA is the place where you find wonderful people,  professionals, an extraordinary team that makes you feel like part of a family. I am honored and proud to be part of this team.




George Georgescu - HR Business Development Manager BIA HR


I have always considered myself lucky and I think this is one of the reasons why I came to intersect my life with BIA, at the beginning of 2018. I found here an extraordinary and professional team, but also new opportunities for professional and personal development. I constantly learn many new things and I meet many special people, given the nature of the activity.

I am George Georgescu, HR Business Development Manager, and my job is to present you our professional human resources services and to find the best solution for your business, in order to grow and develop it.




Silvia Manolache - Outsourcing Manager BIA HR


My desire for new and great challenges motivated me, 14 years ago, to change my career and to agree to join a team of professionals who offer complete human resources services. Now, after 16 years of experience in human resources, I am convinced that it was a perfect choice.

Do you remember how the salary calculation was done 14 years ago when very few employers granted medical subscriptions as a benefit and when there was no question of flexibility in employment relationships? Now, the activity of payroll and personnel administration is a challenge, especially since it is carried out according to specific legislation, and this is not always harmonized.

With the development of the business environment, with the flexibility of work and the diversification of the package of compensations and benefits granted to the employees, the activity of Payroll and Personnel Management has become a very complex one. The payroll specialist must know both the labor legislation and the tax law, the legislation specific to medical leave, the international tax legislation, etc.

These challenges have contributed to my professional development, and the results motivated me to continue on this path, BIA becoming my soul project.


Andreea Dumitrescu - Senior Recruitment Manager BIA HR

In 2007 a new recruitment department was formed within BIA and in that year I chose to be part of the team, in the role of the recruiter. Over the years I have coordinated recruitment, training, and career counseling projects nationally and internationally. Working with people every day is a real challenge, a responsibility, and a fulfillment when you manage to “put the right person in the right place.”

BIA represents for me the place where I developed professionally, where I feel that people matter and are considered business partners.

The satisfaction of a job well done gives me the motivation to always come up with new ideas and proposals for your business.



Cristina Scarlatescu - Recruitment Manager BIA HR

My first interaction with BIA was in 2017, as a candidate for an open position in a company from BIA portfolio. The first interview was with Andreea Dumitrescu, Senior Recruitment Manager BIA, and the discussion was so pleasant and open that after a few days, I told her that I would like to work together. And it was an inspired choice, which motivates me every day.

I really like the team I am part of and the way they carry out their activity, with passion and professionalism. This approach is also felt in collaboration with our business partners. It determines me to carry out my activity in the same way and to have satisfaction. The satisfaction that I managed to help a person find a job, the satisfaction that I brought in the team of a company professional colleagues, but also the satisfaction that those people have their personal contribution to the development of the business. I also add the satisfaction of meeting new people who, most of the time, are a source of inspiration for me.

BIA is the environment in which my professional development is in progress; I feel that I had grown from one year to the next, that I had managed to outdo myself and offer my best. Through open communication, support and respect, the management invested me with a lot of confidence and freedom to use my skills, competencies, and inspiration. BIA is for me a journey in continuous evolution, and my desire is to always face it.




Cornel Anghel - Outsourcing Manager BIA HR

15 years ago, on the recommendation of a former colleague, I applied for a BIA test, which I passed successfully. My passion is the payroll activity and, especially, the technical part, which I have the opportunity to practice whenever I make the implementations for new clients. In my role, I have challenges, but also the satisfaction of overcoming them.

BIA is the team that always gives me the chance to develop my career and advance. From the role of Senior Payroll Consultant (2007), I evolved to Operational Supervisor (2012), and since 2017 I am the Outsourcing Manager for BIA. During this time, I became an Expert in Labor Law and Quality System Manager.

BIA is the professional family that joins and harmonizes so well with the personal family.




Ioana Dobre - Consultancy Manager BIA HR


I have been part of the BIA team for more than 12 years. I joined this team through a happy situation, I knew some of the people in the team and I knew that they are good professionals. In my more than 12 years of consulting in the field of labor relations, I have managed complex situations that have helped me to grow and advance, to learn continuously, and to gain experience. In addition to the complexity of the projects carried out, the strength and support of the BIA team mattered a lot in my development, as at BIA I found an environment that supports and encourages professional and personal development.

And the motivation comes at the end of a project when I see the satisfaction and appreciation of our clients. The satisfaction of a job well done gives me the motivation to always come up with new ideas and proposals for your business.

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