The opinion of our partners and their experience with BIA specialists are very important to us. We are proud that you have given us your trust and believe that the following testimonials speak for themselves.

C&A - BIA HR clientBIA Human Resources Management is our provider of labor relations consulting, personnel administration and payroll since C&A entering on the market in Romania, in September 2008.


The professional help that BIA has given us in the difficulties of the beginnings connects us, first of all.


The persistence of our partnership is a natural consequence of the professionalism, the pro-activity, the dedication, the active involvement in finding the appropriate solutions for the application of the not-transparent aspects of a constantly changing legislation.


We can say that during our collaboration we never had the feeling that the people in charge of administration and salary calculation are not actually part of the C&A team.
Moreover, we are convinced that the cumulative experience of the professionals from BIA is an advantage that you cannot benefit by having two or more people inside to deal with personnel administration and payroll.


The fact that we will be prevented from any legislative changes related to labor relations, that the drawn up personnel documents and the method of calculating the salaries is always in line with these legislative changes is another aspect for which we consider the partnership with the BIA salutary.


Considering the above mentioned aspects, we warmly recommend BIA as a reliable partner.

Toyota - BIA HR clientSince 2011, BIA is the provider of payroll and personnel administration services for Toyota Romania and Inchcape Motors. To these services were added during our collaboration and those of recruitment and personnel leasing, BIA thus becoming our main provider of integrated services in the field of human resources.


In the years of collaboration, the BIA team has constantly offered us high quality services. We especially appreciated the flexibility with which they responded to all our needs and the rapid adaptation to the specific requirements of the companies in our group.


In an environment in which the labor legislation is subject to rapid changes, the BIA team has always kept us up to date with the news and has ensured that all legal requirements for the activity of payroll and personnel leasing have been respected.


BIA has also provided us with a rigorous selection of candidates that we have recruited for both middle and top management positions, as well as for executive positions, thus making possible a quick integration of our new employees.


Our collaboration with BIA has been excellent from all points of view and for this reason we warmly recommend them as being a reliable supplier of HR services in the market.

Romgaz - BIA HR client

BIA consultants have conducted and successfully completed the selection and recruitment processes opened for middle management and specialists positions with SNGN Romgaz SA, also facilitating the quick and smooth integration of the new employees in the company.


Our collaboration with BIA is very good from all points of view and, therefore, we warmly recommend them as a reliable supplier to manage selection and recruitment services.

Ubisoft - Client BIA HRThe direct collaboration with the payroll officers from BIA is always a very efficient and has an outstanding quality, proving deep and consistent professional skills, acting dynamically and optimally.


BIA Human Resources Management Services is a reliable partner, able to provide support and one that has all the skills needed in the field they represent.

UTI Grup, BIA HR clientBIA proved to be a reliable partner by promptly responding to UTI’s needs and requirements, respecting deadlines and constantly seeking to improve the quality of their services, showing flexibility and professionalism. We recommend BIA as a company oriented towards providing quality services, continuous improvement, and maintaining true partnerships with their customers.

Renania - client BIA HRWe recommend BIA as a serious, prompt partner, who fulfills his contractual obligations on time, offering quality services at competitive prices and paying attention to the sensitive aspects of the activity carried out in the area of human resources.


These conclusions were drawn following the development of the personnel administration and payroll contract during many years of collaboration between our companies, all activities being completed on time, without clarification or inconsistency, with support over expectations, corroborated with the involvement including additional resources for an exceptional level of service.


The good quality of the services, the operative and the prompt way of honoring the requests determined us to choose BIA as a long-term partner. Also, the way of collaboration between companies is always pleasantly achieved.

Arctic - BIA HR clientThe response time has always been satisfying, and the communication with the assigned consultant is ideal – she comes with preventing situations, proactive solutions, she’s prompt, professional, impeccable and friendly. BIA means professionalism, availability, kindness, pro-activity.

pladis - client BIA HR

In order to manage the human resources activity in Romania, our company chose in 2007 the collaboration with an external service provider. The outsourcing project was carried out with the help of, which is still the provider of these human resources services. In all these years of collaboration BIA has demonstrated professionalism, expertise and punctuality in the delivery of services.


BIA is a good provider of payroll, personnel administration and human resources consulting services. The specialists of the company are always aware of any legislative changes, thus being able to easily deal with the most complex situations regarding payroll, wage taxation, labor law and other issues specific to the human resources management.


We recommend BIA as a reliable partner in the provision of HR services with which a long-term partnership can be established, ensuring continuity and stability in the human resources management activity.

Euro Tyres - BIA HR client We chose to collaborate with BIA Human Resource Management Services as a payroll service provider due to the outstanding quality of the services provided, the efficiency and the extremely strict compliance with the deadlines.


At the same time, through the professionalism of its employees, BIA has always offered the necessary support in order to choose the best options and to comply with the legal norms in force. We would like to mention that, during the years of uninterrupted collaboration, there was no episode of dissatisfaction.


We recommend BIA as a professional and reliable partner for any company with which it will relate and we appreciate its quality services and the flexibility of the solutions that differentiate it in a favorable way from its competitors.

Optiblu - BIA HR clientThe partnership with BIA started in 2005 with the provision of payroll and personnel administration services, to which, over time, labor relations and recruitment consulting services were added. We have gone through many legal changes together and we have implemented their consequences.


The flexibility of the consultants, the involvement and the permanent support were key elements of our partnership. Also, in parallel with the development of our business, we have implemented modules of the salary calculation and document management platform that will come to the aid of the employees of the Optiblu group and of the management team.


Due to the qualities mentioned above, we recommend BIA for other projects in the field of payroll services / personnel administration and HR consulting.

Mediclim - BIA HR clientThe quality of BIA services is excellent, as is the communication with the company representatives. Professionalism, involvement, and understanding of the partner’s business are some of the BIA’s pluses.


We highly recommend as true professionals in terms of providing HR services.

Fresenius Medical Care - BIA HR clientWe characterize the quality of the services offered by BIA as excellent, while the critical situations have been resolved in a satisfactory manner, and the communication with the representatives is very good.


We particularly appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the consultant and we warmly recommend BIA as an HR services provider.

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