Andra received her bachelor’s degree after studying at the Faculty of Letters (Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti)but, during her time there, she realized that teaching wasn’t for her. After graduating, se decided that it was time to change direction. As the next step, she enrolled in a corporate communication master’s program (currently called “Communication and Human Resources) at the University of Bucharest. This is where she finally felt that she belonged, and that HR was what she had been looking for. Although she worked in a different field while studying, she was able to reach her objective after finishing the master’s.



What was the path that brought you to hr? 

I enjoyed the master’s program – two years of theory, projects, and professors that knew how to guide us through the fields of communication and human resources. Currently, most of my former colleagues are also working in HR.

After graduating, I took the HR Inspector course and started applying for junior positions and internships in HR. To my great joy, I didn’t have to wait long before being given an opportunity. The first HR job was a six-month assignment as part of a great HR team for a call center company. This is where I had the opportunity to get involved in recruitment and personnel administration processes and, at the same time, support a colleague who was in charge of payroll.

After that first experience, I realised that, to be able to learn more, I would have to make more changes. When I first started building my path in HR, I knew what my strengths were and what area of HR would allow me to add value to a company. I chose payroll and personnel administration. On the 1st of March 2018, I joined BIA HR. It was a new beginning, the perfect place for me to learn new things, meet wonderful people, and start building a long-term collaboration. While it is, indeed, true that studying and gaining theoretical knowledge is essential, the most important thing is to be able to put everything into practice. To learn by doing.

What has been the best moment in HR so far?

It’s been a great experience so far, but I am sure that the best is yet to come – many intense, challenging, and rewarding moments will surely follow.

Can you share a quote that you’ve found useful?

“Most people go through life without knowing what their dream or their purpose might be because they never made time to ask themselves that. It is very important to make time to learn what you like to do. If not, you will be a vessel without direction, thrown here and there by the waves.”, Rhonda Byrne, The Hero

Did you have a mentor or a role model?

It’s impossible to name just one person. I think everyone I’ve met until know left a mark. My family, my teachers, my colleagues, my friends – they’ve all had a positive influence.

In your opinion, what abilities should HR professionals have?

Anyone working in HR needs to be able to communicate properly with people. Being able to manage their time is also an essential skill.

What would you say to young professionals interested in a career in HR?

They should be ready to take initiative, trust that they will succeed and have the courage to try. I would also advise them to explore HR opportunities while they are still studying take classes, do internships, etc.

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