HR Consulting

HR ConsultingBIA HR has achieved remarkable results in over 25 years of activity, and this helped us to become trusted partners in HR consulting projects. The strategies developed and implemented for our partners include, among others, activities such as:
  • Preparing Internal Regulations for organizations in various fields, in line with the needs of our partners and legal provisions;
  • Support in drafting individual labor contracts or specific clauses;
  • Providing assistance in terms of disciplinary investigations;
  • Providing support for negotiating with employee representatives;
  • Support the preparation of the organizational chart;
  • Analyzing positions within the organization and drafting job descriptions;
  • Providing support to partners for the punctual interpretation of some normative acts or their implementation;
  • Drafting and sharing legal information to subscribers.

The strategy for HR consulting projects: dedicated team and confidentiality

BIA HR consultants manage each new project through an action plan agreed with the client when signing the contract. The plan contains the working procedures, deadlines, and responsibilities of each party.

Our specialists have abilities in various areas of activity, so we provide our clients with the services of a legal advisor on labor relations issues, recruitment and organizational development specialist and / or a payroll and personnel administration specialist.

We value privacy and we believe that partnerships involve exchanges of information that should not be made public. That is why we care very much that the information we share will remain confidential and will be limited to the parties directly involved in the contract.