OutplacementCompany transformations, either radical or partial, can have a strong impact on the company’s image and brand. Such critical situations must be managed by specialists.

Setting up a career transition strategy will help those involved deal with these organizational transformations without major tensions.

BIA consultants provide practical support to those employees who are about to leave an organization through career transition programs. In this sense, we help them move on to the next stage of their career, we guide them to choose the optimal way and provide them with support for the new professional climate.

BIA partners include companies of different sizes, and what we are proposing is to provide those members who need to go through a career transition a road as easy as possible while maintaining a good image of the company from which they are leaving.

The steps we take to ensure an effective career transition program include:

  • Meetings with employees involved in this program in order to establish their goals, priorities and professional aspirations;
  • Providing employee counseling in order to identify new professional opportunities and to prepare for personal marketing strategy;
  • Support for selecting target companies where job applications are to be sent;
  • Advice on accessing new professional opportunities that are less visible on the labor market;
  • Assistance for integration into the new organization.
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