Silvia Manolache has been working in Human Resources, doing Payroll and Personnel Administration, for more than 16 years. In secondary school, her math teacher helped uncover a passion for numbers, geometry, and equations – it was then than Silvia understood that she liked things to have a logic. She went on to study math and physics in high school and then enrolled in the Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange Faculty at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

Well aware of her desire to work with numbers, the first job came as a great challenge – doing payroll in a company focused on distribution of consumer products with more than 2500 employees. This was an opportunity to start building a solid career. The following 13 years helped solidify knowledge and experiences in areas like labour law and specific issues that clients were dealing with while also polishing her communication skills.

BIA HR Payroll and Personnel AdministrationWhy HR?

Generally, HR in a large company includes areas like recruitment, training, payroll and personnel administration, employee relations, compensation and benefits, internal communication, etc. For a small company, sometimes for medium-sized ones also, there is only one HR specialist covering all these sings. Large companies need people and sometimes teams to handle each of the below HR areas. With her need for logic and passion for numbers, Silvia was a great fit for payroll. After 16 years doing that, she is certain she has made the right choice.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned along the years?

There were lots of them as Payroll and Personnel Administration must follow specific laws and regulations and these aren’t always in perfect harmony. In the past, 10 – 13 years ago, things were simpler in a way. After that, along with a growing business market in Romania, work became more flexible and compensation and benefits packages granted to employees developed and become more complex. Whoever is dealing with all that must be up to date with the latest developments around labour law, tax, etc.

What has brought you the most joy in your career so far?

Every successfully completed project feels like an achievement. However, there is one thing that never stops bringing great joy – when a former collaborator, someone who worked for a previous client, calls to wish me and my family happy holidays, every year. This has been going on for more than ten years and I am still so touched every time it happens.

Do you have a favourite project?

I love challenging projects. I remember I was once relocated to a client that worked in banking and had more than 1000 employees – I had to quickly learn all the software they were using and take care of two junior team members at the same time,

Is there a book that you feel has taught you a lot?

I learned a lot about attitude, courage, failure, and perseverance from a book called “The Alpha Personality – Uncover Your Vocation” by Pera Novacovici.

Did you have a mentor or a role model?

Yes. An extremely well-balanced person who has studied and worked a great deal. Someone who thinks silently and takes his time speaking with calm but whose words are still so powerful – my father!

What abilities should someone working in HR have?   

Excellent communication abilities, good listening skills and the ability to organise his or her time.

What would you say to someone considering a career in HR?

To have the courage to act – there will always be a lesson in everything!



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