Personnel Recruitment

RecruitmentFor more than 25 years, BIA has been partnering with organizations that want to develop, by offering them professional recruitment solutions. Our specialists recruit and select personnel for jobs in a wide range of fields that require vast experience and varied responsibilities.

That is why we are always ready to search and find for our partners both entry-level candidates and professionals with extensive experience, ready to take over the leadership of an organization.


Outsourcing Recruitment, A Natural Choice

During busy times, like taking over a project, recruitment requests can be a major challenge even for companies with internal human resources departments.

On the one hand, bringing new specialists to the internal recruitment department can be expensive for the organization, and may become even useless if it is known that the need to hire will not be constant. On the other hand, in the long run, overworking the internal HR department will turn out to be an ineffective strategy.

Moreover, the costs of hiring specialists within the internal recruitment department also prove ineffective over time, the outsourcing decision is more appropriate in financial terms. Setting up interviews and identifying candidates make the recruitment process extremely time-consuming, which is still a disadvantage for the company.

Why BIA Services?

Experience has shown us that a company can improve its image based on how the recruitment process takes place. If it is entrusted to professionals, things go by the book, the candidates receive feedback in a reasonable time, and they remain with a good impression about the organization, regardless of the recruitment process result.

With the support of BIA specialists, the recruitment process will get the attention it deserves, and the candidates will be treated with the professionalism that we show in all agreements we have with each of our partners.

The candidate database, extensive and up-to-date, as well as the connections we hold with the recruitment agency, add value to the recruitment process and reduce the time allocated to the whole operation.

When starting the recruitment and selection process, we first define the job profile, the job description, and team requirements from which the selected candidate should be a part of. Later, we integrate the job profile into the organizational culture of the company and define the strategy we will use to search for potential candidates. At the same time, we also set out the details of the channels through which candidates will be attracted to the recruitment process.

Our specialists develop and customize test and evaluation tools for candidates, then apply them to persons who prove to be eligible to enter the competition for the open position.

Afterward, BIA specialists are also the ones who show the selected candidates to the employing company and who organize the final interviews. Finally, if necessary, we can also support the offers and the negotiation process.

Guided by these principles, we have recruited over the years employees for positions in different fields and for companies operating in extremely diverse industries, and among them, we ought to remember the following:

  • Senior Accountant – a company in legal and fiscal consulting;
  • QA Engineer Software Tester – a company in the medical field;
  • Database Administrator – a company in the editorial field;
  • Area Sales Manager – a company in the medical optics field;
  • International Sender – a multinational company in transport;
  • HR Business Partner – a company in the medical optics field;
  • Sales Manager – a multinational company in FMCG;
  • Shift Coordinator – a multinational company in production;
  • Commercial Assistant – a multinational company in production;
  • Senior Brand Manager – a multinational company in FMCG;
  • Area Sales Manager – a company in the medical field;
  • Logistics Specialist – a multinational company in production;
  • Financial Controller – investment group;
  • Legal Adviser – a company in fiscal consulting;
  • Online Marketing Specialist – a company in production.
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