Executive Search

Executive SearchWith the development of the Romanian business environment, Executive Search has become a necessity. Since 1992, at its begining, BIA has met the demands of the market, being the first Romanian company to offer this kind of human resources services.

We are glad that we could become partners of companies aiming to attract top executives in order to develop their business and consolidate their brand. In over 25 years of offering top-quality HR services, we have discovered and attracted a great number of top managers. Below, we highlight the following major Executive Search projects that we coordinated:

  • Deputy General Manager – a multinational company in agribusiness;
  • Chief Executive Officer – a company in the medical field;
  • Human Resources Manager – a company in production;
  • Expert Accountant – a company in real estate;
  • Country Manager (Bulgaria) – a company in the medical field;
  • Country Sales Manager – a multinational company in pharmaceutical field;
  • QA R&D Director – a multinational company in FMCG;
  • Deputy Production Manager – a company in agribusiness;
  • Procurement Manager – a company in energy field;
  • HR Director – a company in gas distribution field;
  • Group Financial Director – a multinational company in production;
  • Export Manager – a company in energy field;
  • Chief Financial Officer – a company in the medical field;
  • Country Finance Manager – a multinational company in production.

How do we act to find the right top executives?

In Executive Search, we first define the job profile, the job description, as well as the leadership pattern in the organization looking to hire a person in a top management position. The next step is to integrate this profile into the organizational culture of the company, after which we continue to identify potential candidates for the open position.

Our best candidates are identified by our specialists through search and attraction methods specific to Executive Search. Once the candidates have been identified, start the evaluation and selection process of the most suitable ones. At this stage, we use the methodology and tools developed by BIA professionals. Finally, the selected candidates are introduced to the employing company and the final interviews are organized.

BIA also offers support during the offer and negotiation stage, as well as post-placement guidance regarding the integration process of the new top-executive within the organization.

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