Learning, evaluation, creativity – Three things you should focus on these days

A lot has changed in the past week and it sure feels like nothing will ever be the same again. But big changes might also mean great opportunities. Here is an article about three things you should focus on while waiting the coronavirus to pass. hr consulting


We may talk about a company whose employees will have to work from home for a long period. We may talk about companies in travelling, HoReCa or events organising. They are all confronting these days the same problem. Learning to make things different.

Each team has its own rutine: the daily schedule, coffee or lunch breaks, daily briefings or weekly meetings. These are just o few of the elements that set the rythm of your team`s activity. Then there is each employee`s rutine: checking the e-mail, organising the daily tasks, brainstorming with his colleagues are now gone. You might say rutine is something to avoid, but you would only be half-right. Sometimes, rutine is about having your own well-known and clear path, that allows you to move fast and safe towards your goals. Well, yes. We`ll all be missing the confort of our working rutine, for a while.

But nevermind! The truth is, no matter the pressure the pandemy brought upon us these days, now is the best time to open new paths.

Technology is on your side:

  • You`ve got high speed internet
  • You`ve got lots of apps and platformes that allow you to move in your living room most of the things you would do at the office

Techagainstcoronavirus.com helps you to understand faster and better how you can use apps like Toggl, Zoom, Anydesk or Discord to measure the time you spent on a task, to call an online meeting, to connect remotely to another system or even work with your team on the same project.

Evaluating priorities

When you`ve got no choice but to reevaluate the whole work process, you end up discovering things you could improve:

  • Spotting those activities that are vital for your company
  • Spotting the really valuable employees, the ones that keep things working by their creativity, loyalty or resilience
  • Evaluating your team`s roles. You already know that we`re here for you whenever you need HR consulting.
New business

We`re in for a time of restrictions, so lots of products or services will stop selling. Good news is this doesn`t have to mean the game is over. The change that is already happening to us is about how everything we experienced until now is going to be different. Maybe it`s time to try another business field. Maybe you were already planning to launch a new product, that you postponed.

No matter what you`ll choose, you will need a reliable, experienced partner. If you are not sure about the best way to handle the changes that are about to happen in your team, send us an e-mail and let`s have a talk. We`re here to help you find the best HR solutions for your employees and company.

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