You`re hiring. How will you make the right choice?

Some managers prefer to handle recruiting themselves. Only people they choose and trust get to enter their team, that they consider more like their family. But it`s always a good idea to ask for a second opinion, especially if it comes from a human resources specialist. recruiting services

A good choice in recruiting releases you of repeating the whole recruiting process: announcing the job, collecting and reading all applications, going through the interviews etc.

Here are three good ideas for you, if you`re interested in growing your team by least effort and money.

Realistic expectations

What`s in a perfect C. V.? How often did you meet a person that`s absolutely perfect and has all the requirements for the job you offer? The potential employee has the studies you asked for, but is not as experienced on a similar job that you would have wanted him to be. Or maybe he has both right: studies and experience. However, after meeting him, you get the feeling that in less than a year you`ll have to find somebody else for the job.

How about being more flexible? Look at the big picture and decide which of the criteria are most important for the job. Try to see how realistic is the task list you would like your future employee to cover.

Creative but eager to do all kinds of rutine tasks, competitive and emphatetic, plus a great team player – here`s the portrait of a person that never existed. When recruiting it`s vital you have an experienced partner that helps you to evaluate correctly both the job and the applicant.


Is it magic? No, we call it experience. There are times when you have to make up your mind fast, no complicated analyses, no pros and cons list. When recruiting you need this kind of skills. It may seem that you only rely on yout instincts, but it`s realy not the case. Your brain already has some shortcuts, so you are able to get your decisions fast. It only appears that you need a short period of time to decide, when you actually use all that you have learned and experienced until that moment.

The books and articles you have read, the courses you have taken, experiencing similar situations, all these come together. Feeling that you have to make a fast decision whether A or B is better is actually the tip of the iceberg only. In depth, there are hours of reading, interacting with lots of people and research. Succes is about both the quality and quantity of all this.

Future oriented thinking

„In my time things were different” are words that are just good enough for a museum. If you`re recruiting you should keep up with the latest news. What are the needs and expectations of nowadays employees? How can you encourage them to be competitive and give you their best?

Traffic jams at rush hours means people that get to work tired and stressed. Their focus lowers and so does productivity. If you`ve found a suitable candidate for your job opening, but he lives quite far from the office, try to be a bit flexible. Mobile work is already used intensively in other countries. Flexible working hours are also a solution.

Set clear tasks and objectives for your employee and offer him the possibility to leave office as soon as he has the job done.

BIA Human Resource Management Services is here to support you, by offering personnel recruiting services. Send us a message on and tell us who you need for completing your team.

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