How Do You Choose Your Business Partners?

Business Partners
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The essence of any partnership is trust. Since the foundation of the relationship is solid, any subsequent construction can only make the collaboration fruitful. But before reaching mutual trust, an open attitude and efficient communication and the desire to grow together are necessary.

Any new partnership starts with a necessity. Whether it’s an immediate one, without which your business cannot go further, or whether it refers to that “nice to have” in business development, the primary basis of any evolution is the void that needs to be filled.

Good luck in business

The popular word “good luck with your hand” can be translated, at first examination, by the wisdom of intuition with which you make the right decisions in choosing the partners. Before you have the experience of a considerable number of partnerships on which to base your requests regarding a new collaboration, start from a combination of common sense:

  1. Cost-benefit analysis
  2. Recommendations/review of the market offer
  3. Chemistry with the people representing the business partner

But this natural journey is not always within reach. There are multiple situations in which the potential partner is the one who comes up with a proposal and shows you need that is not yet clearly defined at the level of the organization or growth modalities that had not been previously considered. Here comes your openness and vision as an entrepreneur/manager – is it worth giving an hour of preliminary discussions or refusing from the start an unsolicited proposal?

Smart moves, like chess

In business, much of the flair and intuition come with experience. But until you think you have enough and only you are the one who opens the game, you must take part in many games. Some winners, others not, but it all comes down to your risk appetite and how you spend your time developing.

After all, human interaction and the connections we make with each other are the basis of evolution. Relationships are built through the desire to meet new people, to find different perspectives, to give a chance to your business, and implicitly to experiment.

We believe in the built-in partnership time, but also the chemistry of the first meeting. Do you give us time for concrete solutions to existing or future needs? Contact Us!

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