BIA HR Joins the MagicHELP Solidarity Network

We are happy to share that we are now an official partner for Asociatia Magic , a well-known Romanian NGO. In the last five years, the association has supported hundreds of children and families affected by serious illnesses (cancer, diabetes, renal diseases, autism, Down syndrome, etc.).

„Through the MagicHELP – Reteaua Solidaritatii initiative, BIA HR will support adults with high school and university education in finding a job. We understand how painful and disconcerting a serious diagnosis can be. The level of attention and caring that a gravelly ill child needs can put parents in extreme situations. Many of them lose or have to give up their jobs. Complex medical care is expensive and losing an income can have devastating effects for families that are struggling to begin with. We will leverage the expertise of the entire BIA HR team for those who need this type of support”, said Mariana Vaida, General Manager of BIA HR.

By becoming part of the MagicHelp Solidarity Network, BIA HR has joined over 220 partners who support families and children dealing with serious illnesses and need long-term treatment. The project beneficiaries have access to a mobile app and can access services like meals, accommodation, transportation, medical recovery, hairdressing services, legal counsel, psychotherapy, car repair, etc. and products like books, stationery, sweets, and many more.

Those interested in joining the network can contact Asociatia Magic at

Families in need can sign up as beneficiaries on the website.

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