Be More Visible to Employers – an Online Workshop

On June 20, the „Be More Visible to Employers” online workshop brought together HR experts and professionals either looking for a new job o interested in exploring new careers. Cristina Scarlatescu, BIA HR Recruitment Manager, was one of the speakers at the workshop organised by psychologist and HR specialist Beatrice Barbu. In her session, Cristina talked about how to write and structure good CVs and cover letters along with how to make the best out of our LinkedIn profile.

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“I enjoyed the opportunity to share my experience as an HR professional. Both myself and my colleagues in the recruitment team see hundreds of CVs every week and many of them are very hard to read through. They are often filled with too many technical details, redundant information, or jargon inherited from their previous companies. As they do not manage to build a coherent and convincing picture of the knowledge and abilities that represent them, they clearly miss their target.

Workshops like this one are very useful, making life easier for both candidates and recruiters. The participants came prepared with many great questions and I am certain that the advice they received will help them with future job applications. LinkedIn, for example, is highly used in all types of companies – recruiters cannot afford to ignore this channel. A coherent, complete LinkedIn profile can draw recruiters’ attention and can lead to an interview. Similarly, personalized and well written CVs and cover letters can significantly increase chances of securing an interview”, Cristina explained.

The ten workshop participants appreciated recommendations offered by the speakers who also answered questions around how to:

✓ stand out from other candidates

✓ identify their psychological profile

✓ negotiate their benefit package

✓ training their emotional intelligence

Participants’ reactions were more than encouraging:

“I appreciate the information shared; I will surely use it to improve my CV. I signed up for the workshop with a clear intention to make a career chance and go into a different industry in the not so distant future. I realize that the context right now is not very favorable due to the current pandemic and state of the labor market. However, I decided to start somewhere and I know that, with some patience, I will make it happen.” (Elena, Medical Sales Representative)

If you are interested in the topics Cristina talked about during the workshop, you can find more details in our article on how to write a good CV or the one covering cover letters and optimized LinkedIn profiles.

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