What should a job description include

Employers and recruiters who want to attract candidates and employees that fit their business needs must know that the whole process begins with presenting a very good description of the job.

What should a good job description include? Although employers are not forced to conceive one, it helps defining the role of a future employee and the decisions related to the contribution that the newcomer will have for the business.

It is not hard to draw up a job description, but if it contains irrelevant or incorrect information it will attract the wrong candidates. The best for such a description is to be concise and simple, so it can be understood by all those who would like to apply for the job.

The Job Title

In order not to leave any ambiguity in the recruitment process, the job title should be as clear as possible and close to the responsibilities of the future employee. The title found in the job description will allow the candidate to make an idea about the tasks that the position could involve, and about the level of experience necessary to handle these tasks.

Inflated, confusing or misleading job titles might attract applications from candidates overqualified or underqualified to occupy that position. Such a thing will not only serve to waste the candidates’ time, but also the recruiter’s time. It would be most appropriate to use titles that are job specific and fields specific, with recognizable terms by those who know what it is all about.

The role and tasks

A job description should contain details about the tasks that the candidate who will be elected will have to do every day at work. This will help the candidates decide whether they have the experience and skills to carry out the daily tasks. If the future employee would have to handle other things besides the usual tasks, these duties should be mentioned in the job description. Also, it would be preferable that the future employee will know whether or not we will have training once taking the new responsibilities.

The role of the prospective employee must be specified in the job description so that candidates will know how and in which way should they contribute to the development of the business. Candidates need to know if they should work with other team members, how many subordinates they’ll have or, – on the contrary – if they should work more independently.

Company details

Any candidate who’s applying for a job wants to know more about the company, how the business was born, how many employees they have, the places where the company has offices and where should they work. The field and its markets, customers and collaborations they had over time or the ones they currently have are also details that can help a potential employee to realize if there’s a place for him in that company.

Last but not least, it would be good for the employer to write in the job description the qualities expected from a potential employee, such as, for example, creativity, open-mindedness, willingness to learn or work in a team.


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