The consequences of choosing the wrong employee

The decision to hire a new person in the company involves as many risks as any other business decision. Many large companies with years of experience have passed at least once through the experience of hiring the wrong person.

The typical scenario is choosing the candidate who seems to be the ideal one at the interview but who, along the way, fails the employer’s expectations in terms of performance and integration.

The reasons why a new employee turns out to be inappropriate may be multiple. He may fail to establish a good relationship with colleagues or with customers, or he can prove to have an inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, the employee may have results below expectations, or he couldn’t accomplish the performance criteria required by the job description.

Financial damages

One of the direct consequences of hiring the wrong person is the financial one. First, we have to take into account the costs of hiring the person who turns out to be inappropriate and the costs needed to replace him.

Add to this the financial damage caused by potential business opportunities missed because of the new employee and the damage can grow in direct proportion to the period of keeping the wrong person in the wrong position. During this period, the position could’ve been occupied by a person who could grow the business instead of bringing damage.

The consequences for the other employees

Beyond the financial costs, hiring the wrong person can bring imbalance within the team and an interruption of the normal workflow. The old employees will have to take over the amount of tasks of the newcomer and to cover and what he fails to carry out on time.

Besides, to overcome the stress caused by higher workload, the other employees should be compensated. Otherwise, the whole team morale and productivity could suffer.

Company reputation

The company’s image as a whole is reflected in the quality of its employees and their daily work. This aspect should not be underestimated, as any employee – be it one that has occupied a position for a short time – is representative for the reputation of the organization. There are fields where it is enough to have an employee’s inappropriate contact with a potential client so that the relations with the client to be forever compromised.

So, given the consequences that involve hiring a wrong person, it is advisable to pay special attention to the recruitment process, to avoid any risk. Asking a company specialized in recruitment to find an employee for your company or paying particular attention to the selection and testing of candidates who apply for a particular position are just some of the ways through which such a mistake can be avoided.



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