Recruitment and Selection – What are the differences between the two processes

The recruitment process is very important for the smooth running of an organization since its results are reflected in the productivity of teams in the customer services or the starting of new projects. The main purpose of recruitment is finding suitable employees in a short time, for all open positions at a certain moment within the organization.

Selection, on the other hand, represents that stage of the recruitment process in which certain people or a person who applied for the position are chosen. Selection involves sorting candidates interested in a particular job and identify those individuals who best fit the profile of the open position.

Therefore, recruitment is supposed to attract a large number of candidates and to make them interested in a specific position so that they can consider the possibility of accepting a possible offer. Recruitment means opening a new position, the public promotion of it, in order to find the right person to fill it. Therefore, candidates must be recruited first, and then to be selected.

Positive and negative – What are the goals of the two stages

Once started the recruiting process those from human resources, whether we are talking about an internal department or a company hired for this purpose, they must collect a certain number of resumes and a list of candidates. Subsequently, they should screen the applications, which sometimes means gathering hundreds of resumes for a single job, especially if the announcement is advertised enough.

Therefore, recruitment and selection are two stages that complement each other and whose purpose is finding the right person for a particular job. However, it is necessary to notice the differences between them and the importance of each one of them. Without recruiting, we wouldn’t have enough options and without selecting candidates the recruitment process would take too long since it would mean interviewing all the persons who applied.

The conclusions should be simple and easy to sum up – recruitment is a positive process and precedes the selection, the latter being a negative process. Recruitment involves fewer costs and less time than selection, which is a costly and lengthy process.