Internal communication: how to maintain a good relationship with employees

Internal Communication within a company is one of the means to ensure the smooth running of the organization and a good business strategy should include a dialogue with employees. They need to know what is happening in the company, which are the directions of activity and in which way their jobs will influence management decisions.

Therefore, it’s always good to keep employees up to date about the company, about their team, about key ongoing projects or training that they could have to increase their performance. They must understand the role they play within the organization and to what extent their work contributes to the achievement of business goals.

Communication with employees should be a priority

Developing good communication with employees involves a plenty of work and a well-planned strategy, not just only short-term initiatives. Therefore, communication with employees should be constant and consistent communication, to consist in the transmission of relevant messages, of messages of concern and impact for those who receive it.

The ones who receive those messages, people in the company, represent the pillar of strength of the company and they should be made loyal and must be given the feeling of inclusion.

When they will hear their leaders talking about their common future, the employees will have the certainty of being part of a team in which their role is important, a group where their work is appreciated and what they do really matters. Thus, employees will have a much more positive attitude towards their work and the impact that individual productivity has in the working group.

Encouraging feedback from employees

Good communication involves not only delivering messages in a single direction from the leaders to the employees, but also vice versa. Therefore, companies should also encourage communication from employees towards leadership and, by organizing meetings and internal distribution of questionnaires.

The possibility to provide feedback, to allow employees to come up with suggestions or ideas regarding their relationship with the management, are things that increase their level of satisfaction and will also increase productivity.

In conclusion, good internal communication remove any feeling of uncertainty among employees and makes them reliable business partners, ensuring the smooth running of the organization.


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