Employer Branding – How to impose yourself as a good employer

The employer role of an organization, also known as "employer branding," is a concept emerged in the early ’90s but began to be increasingly used after 2005. In the context of increasing competition, companies got the idea that they need to strengthen the image and market position to attract the best candidates and the best clients or the most efficient projects.

Big companies from all around the world have created a whole "battle plan" for implementing sustainable strategies for finding and retaining talents, employees with potential above-average, with special skills, as well as improving the services and benefits offered. This plan is integrated with the marketing strategy and sets in motion all the mechanisms which an organization needs to become the "favorite employer."

Promoting the image of a good employer

Therefore, social networks are becoming the environment where the company communicates with people and where the level of engagement of both sides increases. Networking and the implementation of the latest technologies are now mandatory and "building connections" to promote the benefits that a company offers in order to attract and identify new talents are elements that are now part of the business strategy.

In the last few years, the concept has also been adopted by the companies from Romania. Thus, in the context of a growing number of multinational companies that establish their headquarters here or that open outsourcing centers here, but also in the context of the development of Romanian companies, the demand for talent increases proportionately.

Candidates attracted by the best employer

Accordingly, when they analyze the offers and when they see that they have more options available, the candidates who are aware of their strengths "sell" themselves harder in order to find the best offers of employment. They ask for a good salary, a work environment with various facilities, professional development opportunities (management skills). In accordance with the trend from developed countries, Romanian candidates begin to investigate more often about the organizational culture before applying for a position or before accepting a job offer.

As such, employer branding becomes one of the basic elements that employers in Romania are implementing for the smooth running of their business. However, creating a strong brand takes time, and the key steps for its construction are, in general, a clear recruitment strategy and a strategy for the retention of talent, a clear and realistic message transmitted by constant networking, and a good vision for the long term.


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