From the hobbies of a payroll consultant

Being a payroll consultant is a position which requires professionalism. Furthermore, you must be endowed with patience, fairness, responsiveness, promptness, qualities which require a considerable amount of energy consumption. Although we are passionate about what we do, often each one of us feels the need to escape from this “professional area” or to do things outside the job’s description, which charges us with energy that we use to its fullest the next day at work.


It is assumed that everybody has a hobby. I, for example, discovered and trained artistic ambitions which have enriched my life. It’s wonderful to play with sounds, colours, flavours and to equally enjoy you the game itself and its result.


At BIA we all had the opportunity to give loose to our artistic side in small projects whose accomplishment was a reason of joy for all of us. I remember smiling thinking of one of this projects that took place last year around Christmas: we all gathered and made gingerbreads after a recipe preserved in Ardeal by our ancestors. I wouldn’t want to give you too many details about this gastronomic episode and especially about the recipe, believing that another person special to us, the guardian of this recipe, could tell us more things.

Instead I can tell you something about my hobby.


I am a lover of handmade things and I transform nature and everything around me in an inspiration source. I listen to people with pleasure and try to make the good things that arise from this experience to become part of what I do.


Being a declared passionate of the weed hook, knitting needle, colorful arts and polymeric shaping clay, I tried dedicate to them most of my free time. Time spent like this is my supply of energy and beauty. It’s pretty hard to share such an experience in a few words. That’s why I will let you in the company of the images below where you will find some of the works made by me, that bring so much joy to me and those around me.  

In case you do not already have a hobby, I would invite each one of you to find one, the one through which your free time magically becomes the pleasure to live. 🙂

Ileana Delibas

Senior Payroll Consultant


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