Are you fixing your car all by yourself?

What are you doing when your car is broken: do you fix it yourself or you call a mechanic? If you haven’t done this before, do you start to learn and try to fix it? If so, it means that you have time and money to invest in technical books. Perhaps you will buy a box of tools and expensive equipment that you will use no more than once year or maybe in the future you will want to get retrained in another professional area and become a mechanic.

 Would not be safer and more effective for you to use an external service provider to solve your problem?


Let’s extrapolate this individual example to organizations, which are defined in Sociology as social products of individuals. How are things going there? The organization operates in a competitive environment; the shareholders want performances and cost reducing.

If you are a manager you are always looking for the right solution to maintain the performance of the organization; you periodically review the personnel expenses and software licenses in which you have to invest in order to keep the updated. Sometimes people get sick or decide to leave the organization and they must be replaced. What do you do?

We propose to you three themes of reflection that we want to debate them separately in future posts:

I.   Which of your internal operations actually contribute to the success of your organization? How many of them have strategic relevance for the medium-term success of your organization?

II.   What is the current level of these internal services and what are the costs to be delivered?

III.   What level of performance you want from these services and how much you are willing to invest to improve them in the future?


Finally, you are fixing your car yourself or you are looking for a professional? 

Laurentiu Lazar
Business Development Manager