How to easier attract temporary workers using the services of a temporary employment agent

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The summer season of 2023 seems to be a very active one, and if your business operates in the call-center industry or has back office job openings (assistant manager, computer operator) available for a limited period of time, now you have support. In order to cope with the additional workload, you can complete your team with temporary workers, without having to worry about their recruitment, the management of the documents necessary for employment or the salary calculation. And it’s all the more important to ask for the support of a temporary work agent, since in the last 3 years, against the background of the health crisis and the restrictions imposed by the authorities, many workers in the field have changed their jobs.

The BIA team – authorized temporary work agent provides staff from the call center and back-office, for a predetermined period. We pay attention to the selection process, so that the candidates have communication and relationship skills, advanced knowledge of Romanian and foreign languages (English, German, Italian), attention and active listening, orientation towards solving customer requests, empathy, MS Office knowledge and positive attitude.

Our team members recruit temporary employees, provide payroll and personnel administration services, set up occupational medicine, occupational health and safety aspects, together with partners, and implement the standards requested by them in terms of benefits offered.

Here are the activities that temporary work consultants take on, making the process of hiring temporary workers easier:

  • Set up meetings with temporary employees to inform them about the documents required for employment, job conditions, and job description;
  • Prepare and sign the documents required for employment, such as the individual labor contract, the internal regulations or statements on the additional incomes, the dependents, or the health care unit to which the employee is assigned;
  • Prepare the labor contracts, the addendum, and the decisions necessary to register them for their registration in the electronic register of employees;
  • Elaborate the time-sheet model, in accordance with the partner’s requests;
  • Calculate salaries, process primary documents related to the presence of additional salary items;
  • Prepare bank files and the 112 statement;
  • Ensure the management of meal vouchers.


Temporary employment agent:

  • The temporary employment agent is the equivalent of the employer.
  • It is the legal person, authorized by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection, which concludes temporary employment contracts with temporary employees, to make them available to the User, to work for the period established by the provision contract.
  • The conditions of operation of the temporary employment agent, as well as the authorization procedure, shall be established by a decision of the Government.

Temporary Employee

  • It is the person who has concluded a temporary employment contract with a temporary employment agent, in order to be available to a User to work temporarily under his supervision and direction.
  • Temporary employees, like the employer’s other employees, have access to facilities and services under the same conditions.
  • The salary that the temporary employee receives for each assignment cannot be lower than the one that the permanent employee receives from the employer, who performs the same work or a similar one to that of the temporary employee.

Temporary Employment Contract

  • It is regulated by Article 94 of the Labor Code – republished.
  • The temporary employment contract is an individual employment contract that is concluded in writing between the temporary employee and the temporary employment agent during a mission that cannot have a term longer than 24 months. This period may be extended for successive periods, which, together with the initial period, shall not exceed 36 months.
  • A company may employ temporary workers to replace an employee whose individual employment contract is suspended, during the suspension, for the management of seasonal activities or for the management of specialized or occasional activities.



In what situations do companies turn to the temporary employment service?

Temporary work is flexible and applies to seasonal activities, occasional or not, to replace permanent employees on rest leave or maternity leave.

You can also use temporary work for peak periods or in case of reduced business volume or when employment is frozen in the company.

What are employers’ concerns about temporary employment services?

The only fear is that it will increase its costs. But, from the moment we mention the terms of the contract, the advantages of temporary employment and taxation, the discussion relaxes.

What are the steps of collaborating with BIA Lease?

In short, 3 steps are important:

  •  We listen to the client’s needs and propose an implementation plan.
  •  We sign with the client, the provision contract and the temporary employment assignment.
  • We sign with the employee, the temporary employment contract and the set of documents required for the personnel file.

What are the advantages of working with BIA Lease?

We are open to meet our clients for temporary work projects and to collaborate with them on a long-term basis. We treat each project with professionalism and offer consulting partners to answer their questions and provide support in taking over personnel management and payroll services. Thus we offer the certainty of a job well done and more time, being responsible for the completion of projects.

How does the temporary work service offered by BIA Lease differ from that of other companies?

The partnership created with employers is based on communication, trust, and flexibility. Periodically, we evaluate the services offered and look for ways to optimize the activity for both the client and us.

Hiring a temporary employment agent to recruit seasonal workers means having low costs with recruiting or training, with additional benefit packages, as well as with staff management. In addition, the team’s morale is better, in their team are always colleagues to take over the activity.

Find out more about temporary employment services here.

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