The Benefits you have in business by using HR Consulting services

HR Consulting

As an employer, it can be difficult for you to keep up with the changes in labor legislation, interpret different cases, or manage particular requests from employees, but also from business partners, so we created, within BIA HCS, the department of HR Consulting.


Ioana Dobre - Consultancy Manager BIA HR


Ioana Dobre, Consultancy Manager at BIA HCS, has experience within the company for over 15 years, is a legal advisor and expert in labor law, and coordinates the legal consultancy activity in labor relations issues (30% of the team members are experts in labor law ).

Considering the socio-political context of the last year, the post-pandemic adaptation period, but also the unforeseen situations that may arise in the usual employer-employee relationship, Ioana presents us with the main advantages and reasons why business partners may choose consulting services in the field of human resources:


What are the main reasons why many companies use HR Consulting services?

The main reasons why companies turn to our consulting services in the field of human resources are the know-how consolidated during over 30 years of BIA activity, but also the promptness and professionalism we offer in responding to requests”.


What are the steps for collaborating with BIA HR on the HR consulting process?

Collaboration with BIA HCS on the consulting side is an easy one, specially designed to support future partners! Potential or existing customers ask us for certain services for which we send a financial offer. If the client accepts the submitted offer, a service contract is signed, and the consultants assigned to the project can start working on this project (research, response preparation, or documentation preparation, case by case).

As a rule, the situations for which consulting services are requested must be solved within a tight deadline and, as such, things must proceed very quickly from the initial moment of signing the contract with the client to the completion of the project. We are proud of the fact that most of the time, the processes have been completed successfully, regardless of the degree of complexity, urgency, or novelty of the subject addressed. At BIA we value teamwork, and we support each other without hesitation at all times, considering that this is the key to success: differences of perception will always lead us to solutions and perhaps to path-breaking answers.


How do you think the HR consulting services offered by BIA HR differ from those of other companies that offer similar services?

Through professionalism and availability. In addition to the above, I have always believed that it is essential to know your customer. Why? This is the only way you can anticipate his needs and offer real support to make his work easier. We are proactive and value long-term relationships and quality service.


What are the advantages of companies that require HR consulting?

I want to emphasize two essential advantages, the certainty of a job well done and the time gained to complete a project.

Our mission is to handle all the necessary documents in relation to employees, provide support in disciplinary investigations, as well as in negotiating with employee representatives. Specifically, we carry out the following activities:

  • Preparing Internal Regulations for organizations in various fields, in line with the needs of our partners and legal provisions;
  • Support in drafting individual labor contracts or specific clauses;
  • Providing assistance in terms of disciplinary investigations;
  • Providing support in order to draw up the organizational chart of the organization;
  • Analyzing positions within the organization and drafting job descriptions;
  • Providing support to partners for the punctual interpretation of some normative acts or their implementation;
  • Drafting and sharing legal information with newsletter subscribers.

In collaboration with our partners, we place great emphasis on confidentiality. We would very much like the information to be limited to the parties directly involved in the contractual collaboration.

What results have you noticed over time in companies that have provided legal advice on employment relationships?

We solve emergencies in the legislative area, sometimes unpleasant or disadvantageous for the employer, without creating alarm situations on the internal level of the companies. We all want you to know that there is someone to support you in solving crises or to consult with when you want to make impactful decisions.

We have clients with whom we have been collaborating for over 20 years, we get the results for them, and the clients are satisfied with these results. The partnership fulfills their purpose promised and agreed upon by the contract.

In conclusion, a team of HR consultants who have competencies in the legal area, and in human resources helps you to be in correct relations with the people in your team and avoid legal problems.


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