Time management at work – How to help your employees to work efficiently

Every organization wants to hire people who can manage their time efficiently and can do their work in a predetermined period, according to job requirements. In the context in which productivity conditions the existence of a business, employers and managers must take care that deadlines are respected and that each team member is fulfilling his duties during working hours.

Because not every person has the ability to manage his time efficiently, leaders are responsible to familiarize employees with some methods to help them practically use the hours spent at work. In the absence of implementing such techniques, there are always situations when, at the end of the day or before the end of a deadline, there are employees who still strive to do what they were asked.

The delegation of tasks

When accumulating large volumes of work and tasks employees are not equally distributed, there is a chance that some will work less, while others will try to take upon themselves many tasks and will fail to carry them out. Therefore, the most efficient way in terms of time management would be to delegate to each team member a number of tasks and to assign them, if possible, in an equal volume and according to specialization and experience.

How to avoid successive delays

Usually, the continuous postponement of tasks is determined by fear of failure or that things can not be done as it should. Less organized or undecided employees tend always to delay the fulfilling of some tasks and have low productivity, wasting a lot of precious time. What should be told to them is that if today they have many problems to solve and postpone them, tomorrow will have even more problems to solve.


Employees must learn to categorize their tasks, depending on the importance and urgency with which they need to be solved. Many people invest a lot of time on tasks with low importance and a minor degree of emergency, but if the things they have to do were prioritized, the results would be much better. If employees can not prioritize their tasks, it would better this to be done by the manager of the team so that the tasks will be given proper significance.

Beyond all this, there are several other things that a good leader has to consider when it comes to efficient time management at work. One would be the fact that employees must know the time managing targets for certain tasks and understand that as less pleasant some of them are all the efforts won’t remain unrewarded. Therefore, it would be better first to give employees the freedom to offer themselves to do certain things, and then if no one does, the tasks to be delegated by rotation to various team members.