The strategy that makes the difference – The things that motivate employees

Every entrepreneur wants his business to flourish, every manager wants his team to be the best, and each organization’s main purpose is to increase from quarter to quarter and from year to year. Growth is the basic principle that underpins any business, and market trends are not the only influence, but also one of the most valuable internal resources, namely staff.

Motivating them is a factor that is positively influencing business, helping to increase performance, improving overall mood in the workplace and, ultimately, increase productivity. Of course, before going any further with explaining tips for motivating employees, we must remember that each person reacts differently and that, where possible, it is good to use customized methods.

Money is not always the most important

Therefore, it would be better to start this process by asking each employee in which the things that motivate them. While a person may be motivated by additional days off or traveling to another country for work purposes, another may be motivated by the fact that he is allowed to adjust his schedule, according to personal needs.

However, there are many techniques that work with most of the people, things that help them to gain the energy and enthusiasm they need to give their best when it comes to work. One of them would be the granting of performance incentives. Performance incentives can be financial or non-financial ones, such as extra days off or the possibility to choose the position of the office desk in the workspace.

Motivate through positive examples

The recognition of merits is another factor that can motivate the most of the employees. Thus, choosing one "employee of the month" or offering diplomas for "best colleague" during the monthly team meetings are things that bring satisfaction to the winners and motivates others to work in order to receive such merit recognition awards.

When the organization manages to attract a new client or when, thanks to employee performances, a new project is going to start, the management should share with the employees not only the enthusiasm for it but also, if possible, a part of the profit. Offering bonuses of this kind is a successful stimulation that leads to collective performance, an orientation to profit and, ultimately, to the success of the entire organization.

Last but not least, we must consider the fact that motivating employees must be a positive process, and managers and executives should not put pressure on employees, but to point out the good things and focus on their improvement.


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