The importance of feedback in a company – what employees think and how they feel

No employee wants to have the feeling that it is just a faceless cog or a soulless figure in the entire mechanism that is the base for the running of a business. No matter how small or large an organization is, employees that are not given the opportunity to express their views will end up feeling frustrated at work. Locked in a tense atmosphere, they’ll feel the need to escape and, most likely, will eventually choose to leave.

The possibility to express their thoughts to the management of the company is as effective as a therapy session. On one hand, it makes employees understand that the management is interested in their opinion, and on the other hand, this will make them more involved in what is happening at work. As such, they won’t feel like working "for someone" but rather "with someone," as part of a team.

You don’t hire committed people, you create them

In the past, encouraging feedback from employees meant just a box with "suggestions" in which employees were able to leave their significant views on the work environment, and they were regularly collected and analyzed. Nowadays, with the development of the business environment is bigger the need to have dedicated employees, an attitude that is built, an attitude that people don’t bring from outside, but that is gained after a period, and largely thanks to the possibility to come up with more complex feedback.

For this to happen, the management should, above all, ask himself some questions about their employees. How committed the employees are with their work? What is the satisfaction that they get from working in the company? How much do they like to communicate with the management? Are they provided with all the necessary tools to carry out their work in good conditions? Do they feel safe at work?

An undeniable truth is that you can not do good business without employees, and the feedback methods to encourage their loyalty diversified so that the answers to all the questions above can be obtained in a less embarrassing, more efficient manner. Alas, they will be sincere and closer to the truth. Anonymity is a very important factor when it comes to feedback from employees, and it would be good to guarantee it if they want so.

Methods for obtaining feedback

An efficient method to provide feedback could be a link to a survey page in the internal database. These surveys can be hosted by various online platforms, easily accessible, and the results can be easy reviewed.

Apart from surveys, employees may be asked to provide an open answer to a "question of the month" or, equally, they may be given the opportunity to ask a question for the company management once a month. At the same time, a way to encourage and obtain feedback is organizing monthly meetings between the employee and his direct supervisor. Also, another good idea is to reward ideas from employees, ideas that once put into practice proved to be good.

Finally, once received this feedback from the employees, the management should evaluate it and come up with solutions. So, beyond offering the chance to speak, it is important that people know that they were not only listened, but also heard and that the organization does its best to make them feel more comfortable with their work.


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