Immigration Assistance, a beneficial solution for foreigner employees

The times when people who wish to assert themselves professionally limited to their country or their native town are gone. Nowadays, the world is much more open to the idea of going overseas to practice in a long-dreamed field or having an ordinary job.

Thus, today there are few people who hesitate to go beyond the country’s borders to search for new professional opportunities, and many people worldwide annually migrate to different countries to work. Mentalities have changed, the possibilities to travel abroad are almost endless, and usually there are few things that prevent citizens from a country, regardless of background, to go abroad for employment.

Obtaining documents, an exhausting process

However, no matter how permissive the legislation from a country would be with immigrants, there are certain procedures to be followed when a foreigner wants to be hired in another country than its own. In its turn, Romania, which is now part of the European Union, must comply with a series of regulations when it comes to hiring foreigners.

This is the context in which the need for immigration assistance appears to find the best solutions in terms of obtaining the necessary documents for the legal stay of foreign citizens who have activities in our country. Often, the procedures for obtaining these documents are toilsome and time consuming.

Specialists will make the best choice

First of all, it requires an analysis and evaluation of the documentation to determine the most appropriate type of visa and immigration needs of the future employee, a foreigner in Romania, and his family members. Secondly, the need to obtain permanent residence and citizenship arises, also the registration of certificates and residence cards. Last but not least, there’s a need to manage the relationship with relevant institutions.

All these procedures consume a lot of time and energy, resources that could be saved with the immigration assistance services. At the same time, there’s a guarantee that the procedures will be followed in agreement with the laws and that no detail is overlooked.


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