Social Recruiting: Social Networks Recruiting Mistakes

Social networks have become extremely popular nowadays, and recruiters have started to use them to find and attract new candidates. However, even if their use has become part of the work of specialists from this field, they can be a source of mistakes when talking about recruitment. Used properly, social networks can have a beneficial effect on the rapidity with which candidates are attracted, and the way the employer brand is promoted.

Creating a Wrong Image

At the same time, even if it offers a more complex image when thinking about the profiles of the candidates selected for an interview, there are some trends that can turn into disadvantages for the recruiter or employer. One of them is creating an image of the employer or the recruiting company that does not correspond with reality. Thus, the candidate would set certain expectations, and when having the interview he might realize that reality does not correspond to the impression left by what he saw online.

This happens usually when the employing company loses sight of the fact that the purpose of these communication channels is to attract the right candidate for the position for which they are recruiting, and not to enter a competition with other employers. Each brand has its own specifics, and candidates looking for a job you will realize that the job they have been contacted for is or not what they really want. The number of applicants or scheduled interviews does not mean anything if, ultimately, it is hard to find the right candidate.

Small companies will never be able to have the power to reach a broad audience like employers who have a large marketing department behind. However, employers who are less visible online can personalize ads can try to give them a more human touch, in order to get closer to candidates. In the end, they will see by themselves that their profiles are daily invaded by job ads, for which companies pay to reach a larger number of people.

Not Having a Strategy

Also, it is extremely important to go out with a plan for recruiting on social media, in other words, to have a strategy. Social networks can be extremely useful, as mentioned already, but if those using them will not establish, in advance, to what extent they can be helpful and in which way they can take advantages, the effects may not be as expected. First, employers and recruiters must ask themselves why are they present on social networks, how they aim to benefit from this and how they will measure the results.

Once established these things, it is important to monitor the direction towards which the employer brand is going. First, we must see if the message reaches the needed people, the impact that is generated, and if the employer managed to reach the targeted audience. Also, it is extremely important to communicate real information, active job ads and quality content.

The results of recruitment through social networks is based on the image that the ones that are recruiting build online, an environment where more and more representatives of the new generations are active. Also, it is important to understand that while the image is created with time, by using transparency and a strategy, and not from one day to another.


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