New Generations and Jobs

Times change, and recruitment techniques must adapt to the new generations of candidates. During the last decade, recruiters have started to interact with younger candidates who have different needs compared to older people. Of course, this makes the retention and attraction methods of these individuals to be different, given that young people have different ways of living and thinking from those who have more experience, and with whom it is required another type of approach.

The new generation of candidates means people with more confidence, more accustomed to new technologies, more open-minded to new and more optimistic. At the same time, sociological studies have shown that they need more communication, a balance between personal and professional life, opportunities for growth and a clear vision of the benefits that a job can offer. Equally, new generations know their rights very well and they will do their best to benefit from them.

Adapting to New Technologies

Unlike older people, younger candidates have the advantage of being highly receptive to the use of new tools that are meant to make the workload more efficient. Thus, they will not be reluctant when it comes to new software of any kind or when it comes to promoting something online. Also, an essential thing for employers who want to attract such candidates is to have a constant presence and visibility in the online environment.

Accordingly, employees or candidates at the beginning of their career show, most often, the desire to join an organization that appreciates them at their true value, where they feel respected and within which they have the opportunity to develop themselves professionally. This is why it is very important for the employer to offer training and professional development programs that provide them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and constantly learn new things.

Flexibility and Change

Equally, the organizational culture is something that new generations of candidates and employees do not neglect. Many of them want a flexible schedule to provide enough space for their hobbies and personal life, but also a creative work environment, where they can interact with their colleagues. Usually, working under pressure and strained environment are things that alienate the representatives of new generations, which may cause them to make changes that could help them benefit from all thesethings that are missing.

Unlike employees with many years of experience, most young people are usually attracted by the idea of change, so they will often be excited to share experiences, to have the opportunity to migrate to another department within the same company or to take over a new project. Above all, no matter the generation, it is essential for the organization to always pull out the positive things and communicate with transparency with the employees.


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