Employment Ads – How Should Candidates Read Them to Increase Chances of Being Selected For an Interview

We live in a speed age, and this leaves marks on the recruitment process as well, influencing both how candidates apply for a job, and the way employers select them. Thus, while promoting employment ads is facilitated by the development of new technologies and the spread of internet access, the ease with which candidates can apply for a job really hampers the selection of suitable candidates.

Therefore, we reach to the point where many candidates apply for several positions without carefully reading the job descriptions associated with them. This way, they lose sight of the important details, like the fact that among the job requirements we have things such as holding a driving license, having an advanced level of a foreign language, experience in using certain software, in a particular industry or having studies in a particular field.

Self-Assessment, Vital for Candidates

Thus, if they don’t carefully analyze the description of the responsibilities from the job ad and won’t perform a serious assessment of their ability to successfully do the work well, candidates get to drop their chances of being selected for an interview. Moreover, there are candidates applying to several jobs offered by the same company, even if they are from different areas of activity, which may lead recruiters to take him out of the race for any of these jobs.

It would also be recommended for the candidates who want to apply for a specific job to ask also for certain details regarding the employer, such as organizational culture, the values that guide its activity, the place where it is located or working hours. Thus, they could avoid situations such as those in which the candidate learns that some things do not meet his expectations or he is compelled to reject the employment offer after having passed through all the stages of the recruitment process.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Accordingly, when talking about candidates with more experience, those who had coordination jobs as well, it is better for them not to apply to jobs for which they are overqualified and wouldn’t allow them to fully use their abilities. In addition, even if it wouldn’t be difficult to get such a job, this would mean a limited benefits package and limited responsibilities, which could become demotivating or frustrating in the long run.

Equally, before applying for a job, candidates must set some realistic salary expectations, according to job requirements and the experience they have. Otherwise, we can have situations such as candidates being rejected if the employer can’t offer a salary that matches their expectations, or even having candidates who reject an offer, if he is not satisfied with the offered benefit package.

In conclusion, if we would summarize the things that candidates should consider when applying for a job in order to increase their chances of actually getting it, we can say that they should start by carefully reading the job description. Subsequently, it would be good to ask the recruiters or the employers all those details that are not mentioned in the job ad, that are relevant to them, and that could make the difference when they will decide if they will accept or reject the job offer.


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