Legislative news regarding benefits for budget workers and the notice period

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  • Emergency Ordinance No. 53/2024
  • Decision No. 8/Case 471/1/2024 by the High Court of Cassation and Justice

Emergency Ordinance No. 53/2024

Emergency Ordinance No. 53/2024, published in the Official Gazette No. 484 on May 24, 2024, regarding measures related to the remuneration of personnel in certain public sector activities, as well as the regulation of certain organizational aspects:

Comment: Among the changes introduced by this normative act, we would like to mention those regarding the obligation of public authorities and institutions to reimburse workers who regularly use equipment with a display screen for a significant portion of their normal working time for the purchase of special corrective devices, up to the amount of 500 lei per person.

Employees of public authorities and institutions are entitled to the aforementioned right based on the results of an ophthalmological examination that certifies that the use of special corrective devices is necessary for performing their activities or, as the case may be, the modification of those used at the time of the examination.

Decision No. 8/Case 471/1/2024 by the High Court of Cassation and Justice

By this Decision, the High Court of Cassation and Justice admits the appeal in the interest of the law filed by the People’s Advocate and establishes that in the uniform interpretation and application of the provisions of Article 75 paragraph (1) and Article 278 paragraph (1) of the Labor Code, the notice period begins the day after the notice is communicated and ends on the last day of the period. The provisions of Article 181 paragraph (1) point 2 and paragraph (2) of the Code of Civil Procedure, as well as those of Article 2553 paragraph (1) of the Civil Code, are not applicable.

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