Increasing job satisfaction: How to help employees to be more satisfied with their work

The level of employee satisfaction in the workplace strongly affects productivity, retention or their degree or level of motivation with the things they do at their job. The employer must constantly find ways to increase the satisfaction level of employees if he wants the business to remain a competitive and profitable one.

Thus, organizations are required to take steps to influence employees to do their work with love, to have efficiency and keep talented people. The decrease in satisfaction level at work may lead competent people to leave the organization and head to competition or even to other fields.

What are the things that make them feel good

To avoid such situations, the employer, through managers and leaders should ensure that the work environment is a positive and motivating one. A first step to motivating people would be to find out the things that make them happy, things that make them feel good. So it’s not just about the factors that ensure employee financial security, but also those related to the emotional and mental wellbeing in the workplace.

This information can be found easily by requesting feedback on this. Constant reviewing and analyzing the degree of satisfaction at work should be performed at least once a year for each employee. The process should include identifying things that could be improved to have the employees more satisfied with how they conduct their daily activity.

What are the things that frustrate them

In this way, issues that wouldn’t have been noticed without requesting feedback will be discovered. Some employees may be frustrated that they are working with outdated equipment, which hinder their work, and a more performant computer could be, for example, a factor that would make them to work more efficient, to be more productive and more satisfied with what they do.

There are people who are comfortable working for a long time in the same position, making the same work for years without wanting their responsibilities to be changed. Meanwhile, there are people who like the idea of change, of evolution, people who make from this a professional purpose, and the lack of vertical mobility opportunities within the organization can demotivate them. Having development opportunities will motivate employees to be more efficient, to work to qualify for a promotion and, therefore, to grow within the organization, not outside it.

Besides all these, continual dialogue, strengthening the links between employees and their leaders or offering benefits are factors that may increase the level of satisfaction at work, an issue that should not be neglected in any organization.


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