BIA HR presented its business model at an event organized by the BNI international association of networking

It is very important for us to share our business experience, which is why we took part in the event organized by BNI, on June 26, when we held a presentation about our activity and business model in front of about 40 people.

We believe in the idea that business development occurs by sharing recommendations and experiences and that professionals perform best when they surround themselves by professionals. The fact that we belong to one of the groups of the BNI international networking organization gave us the opportunity to talk about our business model, in front of other guests, whom we told about the beliefs and principles from which we don’t deflect.

Professionalism, passion and partnership

Our guiding principles since our founding in 1992 are professionalism, passion and partnership, the three P’s that help BIA HR consultants be, since more than two decades ago, close to the HR managers from Romania. Thus, we continued to develop and we have come to offer our partners a variety of human resource services, which include recruitment, payroll and personnel administration services, immigration and temporary work assistance.

"Exploiting" the human talent brings prosperity, as evidenced even by the top of the largest companies in the world, which includes names such as Google, Microsoft or Apple. Therefore, we are convinced that it is important for an organization to define talent and that identifying and developing the drivable potential in a company is one of the ingredients for success.

We talked about all these things and about BIA HR work during the event organized by BNI, which brings together business professionals in order to share ideas and experiences.


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