How to Improve the Recruitment Process

Given that more and more businesses are increasingly focusing on technology, sometimes the focus on the recruitment techniques decreases, while their role is to attract the most valuable human resources into a company. As the recruitment process involves several complex actions, we need to consider all its components, starting from job ads and job descriptions, to interacting with the candidates.

It all starts with the employment ad. Its purpose is to help us attract the right candidates, based on the requirements imposed by the open position and to make a clear distinction between "must-have" and "nice-to-have" abilities. Job titles must be clear, and, of course, not misleading. Also, sometimes it happens that not all candidates have heard about the employer posting the job add and a description such as the industry in which it operates, the number of subsidiaries or the countries where it operates, if it is the case, could become very valuable details that can be of great help in the recruitment process.

Candidate sources have multiplied, and nowadays we can’t just talk about newspaper job ads. Now we have not only social media and professional networks, but also job platforms, or extensive recruiting databases. Also, the list of potential candidates can be expanded by attending specialized events or meetings with professionals from a specific field. Last but not least, a good source of candidates is the recommendations from employees.

The way in which the interaction with candidates takes place plays an important role in shaping the image they will have about the employing company. A pleasant experience helps to strengthen the employer brand and create a good image of the company among the candidates. Other things to take into account are providing feedback to candidates, creating a career page on the company’s website, or creating a less time consuming application process.

At the same time, it is essential to have a look at past candidates and try to attract some of them with a position that suits them better. The benefits package also plays an important role, so its existence must be mentioned to the candidates as more and more people consider not only the salary, but also things that are good for the well-being or for the balance between personal and professional life.

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