Employee Benefits and the Advantages They Can Bring

Shaping a benefit package for employees should be part of the recruitment strategy within any company that aims to attract valuable candidates and retain top talents. Recent studies have shown that among the most valued employers on the market are those who, besides competitive salaries, also offer attractive benefits that are mean a lot to those who want to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life .

On a short run, a generous benefit package can improve the results of the recruitment process by attracting more suitable candidates, while on a the long term, it can help maintain employees for longer periods of time in the organization, scaling down the turnover rate. Beyond increasing employee loyalty, the employer can save a lot of time as well as financial resources when offering a benefit package.

Health Insurance and Private Pensions

Among the most appreciated benefits are those related to health, considering that the fast way of living nowadays tends to increasingly affect this aspect of life. Thus, more and more candidates and employees expect their employer to cover the costs of health insurance, which is often also an essential condition in accepting or rejecting a job offer. Employers should look at this need with good eyes, as it brings benefits to both sides because a healthy employee is often a productive employee.

At the same time, a large number of employees nowadays are increasingly thinking of securing a decent old age and the thought of a comfortable and carefree living at when retiring can be found in many active people who have a job. Statistics have revealed that, most likely because they are cautious or just because of a long-term vision of tomorrow’s security, there are employees or candidates who would accept a lower salary, provided that the employer will also ensure a private pension plan as a benefit.

Benefits Without Very High Costs

Besides the two previously mentioned benefits, which are the most appreciated but also the most expensive, there are other things that employers could easily offer, as they involve low costs, or in some cases, they don’t involve any financial investments. Here we can mention snacks, coffee or fruits at the office, as well as the ability to work from home or remotely, a flexible schedule, when this is possible, more decision-making independence, recognition and appreciation, as well as a well-defined career development plan.

Let’s not forget that offering a benefit package can significantly improve the employees’ mood, their attitude regarding work in general, and the level of productivity within the company. Beyond all this, it is important to let know those who could benefit from them, both candidates and employees, by all possible means: job advertisements, career fairs, job platforms and job ads, promotional prints or internal communications.


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