Employees with a negative attitude – How to handle this issue

In almost every organization, there are people who have a negative attitude, drop acidic lines, or they have a behavior that is oriented to the amplification of conflicts. The actions of these employees have a negative impact on the entire team, and the leaders are the ones who should take measures to mitigate the unpleasant effects that occur in such situations.

Usually, employees with a negative attitude are not the ones who make mistakes at work, but they are always the one who report the mistakes of other colleagues. The problem is that they do it in a negative way, drawing the public attention and throwing blame on others instead of helping to avoid mistakes that newer colleagues or those with less experience might make.

The exaggerations and the spread of rumors

In most cases, these employees are aware that you can’t reproach them many things about the quality of the work they perform, which is why they complain constantly of other team members. They often exaggerate the seriousness of certain mistakes committed by their colleagues and instead of trying to prevent them, they spread negative rumors and are always trying to put others in a bad light.

Also, employees with a negative attitude are always quarrelsome, always criticize their colleagues and superiors, they are unhappy with the work environment and always believe that things are not going as well as they should. These persons are the ones who will hardly recognize that they are wrong, even when they are, and unfortunately, they will talk bad things about their colleagues on behind their backs.

Unfortunately, it’s enough to have only one employee with such an attitude in the team to have the entire department adversely affected. Even worse is the fact that sometimes they can affect the entire organization, especially when the customers or partners put great emphasis on team spirit. This can cause financial losses and image damages for the company.

How to avoid the negative effects

So, what managers or team leaders can do to limit the negative effects would be to establish some rules of good practices that everyone should respect. Accordingly, they may organize individual meetings with these employees, discussions during which they could require them feedback and ask which are the things that discontent them.

Moreover, employees with a negative attitude should be explained that what they are doing is detrimental to the team and, ultimately, goes into their disadvantage. Also, superiors should be opened to listen to the frustrations and to pledge that they will analyze at least the unpleasant situations that employees constantly report, and not to come with a negative answer from the beginning.

In conclusion, what should be highlighted here is that people who have a critical attitude towards what happens in the workplace do not feel part of the team, and this is the first aspect that their leaders should handle.


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