How to avoid the loss of valuable employees for the organization

The fact that an employee with seniority and experience within a business decides to leave can mean a pretty big loss for that organization, especially if the position that he occupied was one with a high degree of responsibility. Often, these employees resign because they are unhappy with certain internal company policies or because they are interested in an organization willing to offer more benefits.

An unwritten rule says that if you want to keep your employees, you have to ask them what they want from work and try to offer these things, as much as possible to avoid seeing that they will choose an organization where these benefits are offered. This is why it is always best to seek feedback from employees, to see if the dissatisfaction of some of them also means the dissatisfaction of others and try to improve their working conditions.

The most common causes of resignations

Among the main reasons that cause employees to leave an organization value include the feeling that they are not respected, that nobody wants to hear their views, lack of gratitude, a poor organizational culture, lack of trainings, lack of trust and development opportunities, assigning responsibilities not listed in their job descriptions, the absence of health insurance or the fact that there is no clearly defined hierarchy within the organization.

Beyond these issues, which are the most common, there are remuneration and reward issues for the employees who perform well material. It is obvious that any employee wants a salary according to the responsibilities and work tasks he has, and if time passes away and the employer does not take into account a promotion or a raise, no matter how small, it is normal that the employee will turn to another organization, even to the competition.

Bad management and overstrain

Mismanagement is another common reason why many employees decide to resign. Thus, even when the organizational culture, the company history, and the remuneration are good, poor management at the team level or department level can determine many employees with good potential to leave. Because not every person has the necessary skills to have subordinates, the leaders of the organization should ask questions about the managers of the teams from where good employees quit frequently.

Sometimes overwork leads valuable employees to leave an organization in favor of another. When conscientious employees, who always do their tasks on time, are assigned increasingly more tasks, they might feel trapped at work and might feel that they can’t handle such a high volume of work. Repeatedly overstrain can cause them to resign, even when they have not yet found another job in another company.

Therefore, in order to avoid the loss of valuable employees for the business, it is recommended to have regular discussions with them, to require them to submit their complaints, to come up with suggestions for improving work conditions and, most importantly, to be make them feel that they are listened.


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