Book Review – Better Than Good, Zig Ziglar

I have gladly welcomed the HR Manager magazine request to write a review for a management, leadership and personal development book.

Better Than Good, written by Zig Ziglar is the book which I have chosen to review. I have never read books written by this author, and when it was recommended to me as being an impactful personal development book, I had no second thoughts.

The book was written when Zig Ziglar was 76 years old and after he had more than 20 books already published countless motivational speeches, and seminars on how to lead a fulfilling life. Many years in a row he used to work as a salesperson, and then he realized that his mission was to become a motivational speaker.

The author aims to provide a useful book revealing ideas that have worked over time by letting us find, with every page, thoughts, plans, patterns, and guidelines that are inspiration sources for change.

I was a bit reserved when I found out the author’s advice, from the first pages, urging us to read the book with a notebook next to it. I said "ok – typical American," but then I realized that, indeed, it is useful to be able to take some notes.

The book presents three pillars – passion, performance and purpose – which, according to the author’s conception, provide a basis for a great life. In other words, Ziglar says, "to have a great life, you have to live with passion, to fight to be performant and reach your goal."

The link between passion, performance and scope is made in the book with examples and real life stories of popular people or ordinary people from various fields of activity. The approach won’t let you be quiescent, so that you’ll not only stay in mind with a happy ending story, but it also urges you to put into practice the tips and ways through which you can also excel. I found myself in some situations or feelings described in the book and I also put into practice the lessons that I’ve learned.

I learned how much force inspiration can bring, the effect of stress and thoughts, and how important the perception and attitude towards life are.

We often hear how important it is to have a plan and to set your goals, to have excellent habits and especially to discover your purpose in life, but the way how Ziglar exposed these things in this book is realistic and useful. All these statements deserve to be put into practice.

I have found in the pages of this book experiences and stories, some of them funny, explained both in terms of science, and also in a spiritual context. And more than that, I found many quotes and thoughts that deeply impressed me thanks to the lessons and the message that is being sent. This way, Frank Outlaw captures the power that our thoughts can have:

Pay attention to your thoughts, because they become words.

Pay attention to your words, because they become actions.

Pay attention to your actions, because they become habits.

Pay attention to your habits, because they become character traits.

Pay attention to your character traits, because they describe your destiny!

As a conclusion, in his book, Better Than Good, Zig Ziglar encourages us to find our purpose and to perform by starting with our passion.

Mariana Vaida

General Manager – BIA Human Resource Management 

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