How To Provide a Warm Welcome To New Employees

Having a new employee in a company is more than just sending an internal announcement about it. The way a person is welcomed and received within an organization can determine him or her to decide, in the first few months after being hired, whether it is worth or not to move further on that road.

This is why employers should take actions in this respect and ensure a proper integration for every new joiner. Thus, once the offer has been accepted by him, the organization should not only provide the new employee work instructions, a computer, and the credentials to access it. The new employee should know his team mates and superiors, have a floor walk on his department and understand how things work within the company.

First of all, a strategy regarding newcomers’ integration should be conceived within every organization, so that the enthusiasm of a new beginning won’t be replaced by the fears that the unknown often brings. This strategy can include a series of simple steps that begin with a first day of work during which the administrative tasks are performed in a funny way, like an informative session, and everything needs to be customized.

The Interaction with New Colleagues Is Essential

Also, from the first days of work, the new employee should be faced with the things that will be part of his daily tasks so that he will get familiar with the job. The first days of working at a new job can make many people feel awkward and unintegrated, ignored by others. To avoid such a situation, it would be more useful if they would interact with colleagues having similar activities than if they would need to read dozens of documentation pages.

When possible, it is good to have a trainer or a coach so that the newcomers will be able to refer to a person with questions during the integration process. Moreover, they should be encouraged to ask questions also to certain colleagues, so that they will know to whom to ask for input when they have misunderstandings, whether it’s about administrative things, or things that are related to job related tasks.

Another thing that can be of great help to those joining the company is to have lunch with colleagues in order to have the opportunity to get to know better the persons with whom they will work. Also, an idea that companies might consider is to periodically hold meetings with everyone to introduce the newcomers from the last month, for example. These could take the form of joint sessions where newcomers could say a few words to introduce themselves to their colleagues.

Therefore, the process of integrating new employees should not be neglected, given that the way in which a person will be welcomed within a company will determine, in the end, the quality of his work.


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