Backstage: The Life of a Payroll Consultant

Payroll ConsultantThe activity of a payroll consultant is at the crossroads of several areas from which it extracts the necessary resources: HR, legal, financial-accounting, software. The access to such a position can be done through several previous specializations, but a special passion for payroll is needed to become a professional consultant.

What Spells Does (Again) the Payroll Consultant

The term payroll is associated, in Romanian, with salary calculation. In reality, a wage-earning professional often arrives to actually calculate wages after assuming responsibilities such as:
  • Database and personal files administration;
  • Drawing up the labor contracts and all associated documents: decisions, job descriptions, certificates, additional documents, internal regulations, evaluation sheets;
  • Operating leaves (annual leave, the special ones and unpaid);
  • Collecting data, preparing the monthly payment state, making payroll payouts;
  • Preparing documentation for payment of salaries, bonuses, medical allowances, income tax, and contributions;
  • Completing and submitting tax returns;
  • Completing and submitting the General Register of Employees Evidence;
  • Drawing up the files for taking back from the FNUASS the allowance for temporary incapacity of work (medical leaves);
  • Making of retirement files;
  • Monthly statistics to the National Institute of Statistics and external communication with various competent institutions – Territorial Labor Inspectorates, Health Insurance Houses, Pensions Houses, Employment Agencies, Financial Administrations, etc.;
  • A permanent monitoring of labor legislation and adaptation of activity to legal changes in the field.

Of course, in an HR consulting company, the payroll activity as described above is spare between the payroll consultant and the personnel administration one, respectively the legal adviser who notifies each impacting legislative change or gives support in legal amendments.

Last but not least, a professional payroll consultant knows up-to-date details about completing tax returns and is constantly up to date with the accounting notions related to the salary calculation and social contributions, permanently working with the finance and accounting department.

The Payroll Software, a Magical Wand in Payroll

Using payroll software is a generalized practice. But the complexity of the operations that can be done with it and the ability of the consultant to use it at its true value makes the difference when it comes to a quick and accurate salary calculation.

There are independent payroll software or integrated with an ERP, user-friendly or, on the contrary, requiring technical skills from the person who enters the data and runs the application.

In practice, a professional payroll consultant must be seen as the person who manages efficiently the most important resources of the client, respectively time and money. The ability to concentrate, the focus on work and the promptitude mean:

  • The client’s employees receive the correct salary on time, benefit from health insurance and social services (pensions, unemployment)
  • The employer does not endanger fines, unjustified expenses, loss of internal trust and of the company brand.

Bonus: Communication and Chemistry with the Client

The complexity of this profession places it in a business partnership position and also an indirect profit generator. The payroll consultant requires communication skills that can determine the success of the business as it interacts directly with the customer and the authorities.

Moreover, opening up and responding to employees for whom the salaries are calculated to represent key business figures for a consultancy company such as BIA HR.

The offered services are based on professionals always ready for improvement. Good chemistry with the client is a key element because the compatibility is what maintains the relationship, even at the business level.

Find out if your business is compatible with BIA HR people, true professionals who are passionate and take on every partnership, contact us!

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