A New Successful Experience – BIA HR attended the 3rd edition of HR Play Tech Marathon

BIA HR attended the third edition of the HR Play Tech marathon, as a partner and race sponsor. The event took place on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 and was hosted by Hotel Pullman World Trade Center, where the human resources professionals community met. Our company was represented at the event by the recruiting specialists team, and Andreea Dumitrescu, Recruitment Manager within BIA HR, was a speaker in the "Hold on to your talents" panel.

Leaders and influences have shared with the participants the latest innovation trends, as well as solutions, tools, techniques and stories about the future of HR, as well as how to adapt to the changes that they could bring, in a dynamic circuit across the four islands: "Team Performance," "Hold on to Your Talent," "Embrace and Leverage Technology," and "Focus on People and Culture to Drive Transformation."

The idea behind this event is that technology changes the way the labor market looks like, and as the human resources field is the core of all industries and areas of activity, HR managers need to adapt and acquire new skills to keep up with the times. At the same time, there is a need for new approaches and management strategies when talking about managing the workforce.

The event took the form of a learning marathon, subjected to regulations, but which came also with challenges and awards, as any exciting competition should have. During the meeting, specifc topics such as the interconnection of new technologies with our field of activity or talent shortage were discussed.

We are glad that we attended this edition of the event and we are convinced that such experiences will be transposed into the professionalism that we prove through the services we offer to our partners. Here you can read about the participation of BIA HR at the second edition of the HR Play Tech Marathon event.


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