Fostering Workplace Integrity

Respecting some ethical principles and values lies at the core of an integrity-dominated work environment in which people take their responsibilities seriously, where team members respect each other and who manage to produce good results and ensure the good work of an organization through collaboration. Integrity involves a mix of aspects that can grow a company, both by attracting and retaining quality employees, and by attracting long-lasting, healthy business partnerships.

Cultivating integrity in the work environment involves, among other things, morality, reasoning, equity and honesty. One of the best ways that leaders can promote this type of behavior within teams is the power of the example. An righteous leader is highly likely to make people around him act and behave in a similar way, transforming this in a way of working.


Another golden rule is to always treat others as we wish to be treated, namely with respect. The way in which colleagues’ interaction takes place is the result of the treatment they give each other, and inappropriate behavior will inevitably induce work pressure. As societies are increasingly diversifying, and within the same companies we can find people with backgrounds and different values, it is good to reach a consensual agreement when a conflict risk exists.

Also, in some areas of activity, it is vital to have regulatory compliance and to bring it to the attention of employees, so that they will know what the organization’s mission is, and what are the values and rules that guide it. It is also important to have feedback sessions with the management to clarify any concerns that employees may have about a compliance conflict.


Moreover, some companies have to adhere to certain privacy policies, especially in terms of information about their relationship with business partners. The violation of these can lead to unpleasant consequences, and therefore leaders need to cultivate trust and consideration when it comes to confidential information and explain to team members why these issues are important.

Integrity is the consequence of moral behavior and ethics, and when it is the trait of most of the employees, the results can be seen in the way the business works. Last but not least, it is necessary to encourage the ability to keep promises and to promote the truth, because it is something without which a solid, sustainable structure can’t be built.


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