• Law No. 275/2022

Law No 275/2022

Law no. 275 published in the Official Gazette no. 961 of October 03, 2022 on the rejection of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 37/2021 amending and supplementing Law no. 53/2003-Labour Code, makes the following clarifications:


Starting from the date of entry into force of the present law, i.e. from 06.10.2022, the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 37/2021 for the modification of the Labour Code is rejected. In this regard, we specify that the previous provisions which established the exemption of micro-enterprises from the requirement to draw up job descriptions and internal regulations in written form are repealed. As such, starting from 06.10.2022 micro-enterprises must draw up written job descriptions and have Internal regulation.

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