Workshop “Selection and Recruitment – Tips & Tricks”

At the end of last month, BIA HR offered to its clients the chance to attend a new interactive workshop on “Selection and Recruitment – Tips & Tricks“, conducted by Andreea-Cristina Dumitrescu – Recruitment Manager.

Among the participants there were people occupying positions such as recruitment consultant, human resources generalist or human resources specialist within the human resources departments of various companies. Thanks to this course, the participants had the opportunity to carry out practical exercises, with real examples from recruitment projects, while also benefiting from a solid theoretical information. These exercises went on for a whole day and they helped the participants to:

  • Identify the specific skills needed for a position needed to outline the profile of the right candidate;
  • Identify the candidate who will integrate into the organization and fit the organizational culture;
  • To attract the candidates they need and to avoid wrong people;
  • To develop relevant selection criteria;
  • Identify the real competencies of candidates through appropriate questions;
  • Find out what other methods they can use to assess competencies;
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the recruitment process.

The participants were delighted with the usefulness of this workshop, appreciating the presentation, the clarity and the professionalism, the fact that the “trainer is an open person who offers helpful feedback and information,” that “she was actively involved in the participants’ exercises, being a very good and energetic speaker,” or that “the workshop fully met the expectations, many topics of interest were addressed and detailed,” as participants’ feedback reveals.

Andreea-Cristina Dumitrescu has been successfully working in the human resources field for over 13 years. She joined the BIA HR recruiting department in 2016, previously occupying the position of Human Resources Manager within another company in the industry from Romania. She gained extensive expertise in selection and recruitment projects both in Romania and in Europe as a result of her work for national and multinational companies.

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