Where Does Employees’ Motivation Come From

The goal of any organization is to get to know growth and to assert itself in the area where it operates. These things would not be possible without employees that are not enough motivated to do their work with dedication and to prove their best at work. Employees’ lack of motivation is an issue that is becoming more common for employers nowadays, especially as it results in the loss of dedicated staff, as there are quite various offers on the labor market. Thus, people want the job to be not only a source of income but also a place where they feel appreciated and where they want to come back with pleasure every day.

Employees today want their work to be a source of development opportunities so that sometimes money matters less than the trust given to them when a position that involves many responsibilities is offered to them. Of course, financial bonuses have their role in motivating employees, but they should not be the only method to show gratitude for their work. Money, though appreciated by most people, may not have the same impact if not accompanied by merit recognition and loyalty expressed through words, recognition diplomas or symbolic gifts offered by the organization.

Knowing People’s Needs

Often, leaders need to be creative when they show appreciation to employees merits, or when trying to motivate those who fail to find satisfaction in the work they do. In the absence of such measures, they could lose significant talent that would bring value to the entire organization. Thus, no employee shall be disregarded, and the strategy to motivate the workforce must be one focused on people, that includes individuals. Therefore, to better meet their needs, feedback should be collected from employees on a regular basis, to see if there are mood improvements when appropriate.

If employees know that leaders have put their trust in them and that they had expectations towards them, will do their best not to fail those expectations and not to disappoint. There will be rare cases in which team members will bring disappointing results. Setting targets that are not very high, but frequent, like some weekly ones, short-term goals, can be a reasonably efficient method to make small steps toward success and to motivate people who are not performing when there is the pressure of some hard-to-reach targets. Realistic goals can frequently be achieved and represent an opportunity for employees to show gratitude more often.

A Positive Energy and The Overall Vision

Also, it is not enough to set targets for your employees without explaining them the purpose. Each time the goals are achieved, people have to understand the benefits that success will bring at an organizational level and how it will influence the work positively. Without a broader and well-explained context and without having an overview, employees will find it hard to become motivated, because they will not know why it’s worth being interested in such a thing. Also, positive energy and enthusiasm must be promoted at an organizational level so that people won’t feel trapped in a fenced or unfriendly atmosphere.

Last but not least, do not forget that everyone is motivated by different things and not perceive people’s reactions only at a team level, but think about the fact that one to one meetings with each employee can be a big help. Their ideas must be heard, their proposals should be taken into consideration, their opinion should not be neglected, and their needs must be respected if we want to see united teams and motivated people working together to achieve a common goal. Leaders should transform motivating people into a priority since they are the elements that set in motion the entire business operation mechanism.


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