BIA HR, Partner Of the Event

For the third year in a row, BIA HR will be the partner of the event "Necessary Dialogues," organized by "Careers" magazine, with Andrei Plesu and Gabriel Liiceanu. Thus, on the 10th of March 2017, at the conference hosted by the two remarkable personalities, there will be a discussion about love as a resource of transformation and fulfillment.

The event aims to bring into question the shapes that love can take, the beauty that it makes us see around or the way in which this great feeling can make us more beautiful and generous. Also, they will debate the dilemmas related to feelings such as hate and misery and their link with love.

We are proud to have the honor to be partners of this series of events, and we hope that the meeting from the 10th of March will be a resource that will allow many people to deepen the idea of love and the connection between this and other feelings. Finally, we believe it is appropriate to remember some of the words of Andrei Plesu and Gabriel Liiceanu, those who came with the "challenge" of having these "Necessary Dialogues."

"In love, it’s you the one who delivers, who puts himself in motion, who heads to the other person, emerging from yourself," Andrei Plesu, "Sunday Dialogues";

"Each human faces what is happening to him because he is protected by a wall of beloved persons. Without them, we would be good for nothing. We lose, we wander in life, " Gabriel Liiceanu, " Love Declaration."


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