The things that drive away candidates during the recruitment processThe things that drive away candidates during the recruitment process

When we talk about recruitment, not just the attitude of candidates is important for this process, but also the one of the people from human resources and the employer. It is not enough that the persons who apply for a certain job want very much to occupy a certain position, but the recruiter should also pay attention to the to the impression that he leaves to candidates.

There are certain things that can withdraw candidates and which may make them think twice before accepting an offer from an organization or even reject it. Therefore, it would be a pity to lose very good candidates who could bring value to a company because of some details that may seem insignificant.

Punctuality and the interview preparation

Of course, it would be recommended that a candidate who has an interview to come on time, but the same rule should also apply to recruiters. As the interview is a chance for a candidate to get the job of his dreams, so the interview is a chance to attract a valuable employee for an organization.

Also, as for the candidates it is better to go to an interview with their "homework" done and to know things about the company and the job for which he applies, so should the HR person to read the details from the CV of the candidate. This way, the candidate will see the interviewer is interested in his experience and knowledge.

Formal or informal?

Regardless of the organizational culture or the field of the employer is good to keep the talk formal during the interview. Of course, the candidate must not leave the interview feeling that the working environment is rigid, lacking freedom of expression.

However, if the recruiter’s attitude or HR person is one too informal, the candidate could go home with the feeling that he is not taken seriously or that the organization is not too serious.

In conclusion, a first interview should be a dialogue, not an interrogation, and the person with whom the candidate has this meeting must know how to listen, take notes and show an interest in shaping its profile.

Last but not least, we should also mention that the feedback initiative after the interview must come from the recruiter (or employer) and the candidate is not obliged to request it on his own initiative.


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